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Early Years

Our Early Years and Foundation Stage Lead is Miss Pataria


At St Edward’s Catholic Primary School it is essential that the Foundation Stage is seen as its own Key Stage and that the planning and provision is unique to it. The whole school curriculum provides an overview of what is covered in all year groups including the early years but the detail and therefore the planning and provision must be tailored to meet every child’s needs and be specific to the children’s experiences and backgrounds.


The development of the children’s Prime Areas of Learning are crucial at this age and stage of their development. Through the development of the Prime Areas there must be a focus on the characteristics of learning, particularly with reading and writing. The speaking aspect of communication and language is always our key focus so we will be developing children’s speaking through language rich, story based learning and building on the children’s first hand experiences. This is where the role of the adult and the environment are paramount alongside high quality continuous provision and well-thought out enhanced provision.


Each area of learning and development must be implemented through planned, purposeful play and through a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activity. Play is essential for children’s development, building their confidence as they learn to explore, to think about problems, and relate to others. Children learn by leading their own play, and by taking part in play which is guided by adults. There is an ongoing judgement to be made by practitioners about the balance between activities led by children, and activities led or guided by adults. Practitioners must respond to each child’s emerging needs and interests, guiding their development through warm, positive interaction. As children grow older, and as their development allows, it is expected that the balance will gradually shift towards more activities led by adults, to help children prepare for more formal learning, ready for Year 1.

Images from our Early Years

This is an overview of the activities (many are ongoing) that are likely to be covered in each term; all may possibly change as we follow the children’s interests.


Term 1&2


Term 3&4


Term 5&6



Language &




focus, writing name, letter formation,

indiv & grp reading

Listening &attention





· Writing name

· Handwriting patterns

· Nursery rhymes

· Alphabet songs

· Sequencing events

· Guided Reading: IWB Pelican Big Books

· Storycises

· RWInc Stage 1; intro HFW

· Lists: shopping list, menus, instructions

· Writing name

· Story scribing -

Beginning, middle & end

· Handwriting patterns/ letters

· Alphabet songs

· Guided Reading: IWB Pelican Big Books

· Storycises

· RWInc Stage 2; intro HFW

· Imaginative writing

· Book making (fic & NFic)

· Recognising & using punctuation

· Writing first name & surname

· Handwriting letter formation

· Letter names

· GR: expression & punctuation focus

· Storycises

· RWInc Stage 2; intro HFW

Mathematical Dev

Ongoing: counting, ordering & writing nos, no songs & measure.

Shape, space & measure


· No. songs

· Counting to 20

· Count reliably 6 objects

· Rec nos to 5/10/20

· Order nos to 5/10/20

· Formation of nos to 5/10/20

· Write nos to 5

· Rec 2D shape

· Positional language

· Pattern

· Finds 1more/1less objects -5

· Counting to 20+

· Count reliably 10+ objects

· Rec, order, write nos to 5/10/20/20+

· Rec 3D shape

· Using 2D shape

· Intro coins

· Intro addition

· Weighing & balancing

· Days of the week

· Intro length /height

· Intro subtraction

· Finds 1more up to 10


· Counting to 20+

· Count reliably 20 objects

· Rec, order, write nos to 10/20/20+

· Length/height

· Addition

· Subtraction

· Symmetry

· Finds 1more/1less up to 10/20

· Heavier/lighter/ balance

· Capacity

· Time/ Days/ Months/ Seasons

· Using money

· Tessellation

· Describe 2D/3D shape

· Counting in 2s/5s/10s

Understanding the World

Ongoing ICT: 2simple Kent ICT games, Tuffcams, YrR programs etc


The World

People & communities

· Autumn signs

· Bear Hunt - trails

· Nature walk explore grounds

· Senses feely bag

· Dress Ted

· Prep for winter

· Insulation / waterproofing

· Nativity story - journey

· Senses sound lotto

· Prob solving (Espresso)

· Tablets – taking photos, recording

· Winter survival

· Snow

· Food from around the world

· Senses taste & smell

· Beebots

· Kent ICT games

· Signs of Spring - planting (bulbs from Autumn/ new plants)

· Personal timeline

· Easter story

· Talking tins

· Baby animals

· Elmer elephants

· Life-cycles

· Colour magic symmetrical butterflies

· Summer

· Floating/sinking

· Magnets

· Metal detectors

· Use of IWB

· Stopwatches

· Year 1 visit/nursery children visiting

Physical Dev

Ongoing: handwriting, gross & fine motor skills

Moving & handling

Health & self care

· Outdoor activities: balls, skipping ropes, hoops, balance, etc

· PE – see SoW

· Storycises

· Fine motor skills sessions

· Outdoor area equipment

· Outdoor activities: balls, skipping ropes, hoops, balance, etc

· PE – see SoW

· Storycises

· Fine motor skills sessions

· Outdoor area equipment

· Outdoor activities: balls, skipping ropes, hoops, balance, etc

· PE – see SoW

· Storycises

· Fine motor skills sessions

· Outdoor area equipment

Expressive Arts & Design

Ongoing: painting, playdoh, model making, collage...

Exploring & using media & materials

Being imaginative

· Colour

· Bear Hunt

· Autumn fruit prints & collage

· Leaf prints & rubbing

· Stick hedgehogs

· Nursery rhymes

· Harvest songs

· Christmas craft

· Christmas songs

· Colour mixing

· Snowflakes, snowmen

· Music from around the world

· Sunflower collage

· Handprint flowers

· “Growing” music

· Symmetrical butterflies (prints, string, hama beads)

· Sand pictures

· Sandcastle flags

· Pirate maps & wanted posters

· Pirate shanties


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