The importance of attending school

At St. Edward’s Catholic Primary School it is our priority that all our children fulfil their highest potential. To do this, it is essential that they attend school on a regular basis. The diagram, in the attached document below clearly demonstrates how, having just a few days off, can have a detrimental effect on learning.



In all classrooms you will see an attendance target, similar to an archery target board. All children start the week with their name in the green zone, signifying 100% attendance for that week. If a child has a day of absence, their name moves to the next band. This will continue for every subsequent day of absence that week. However, if your child is on the green zone at the end of the week they will get a low value reward such as a small sweet or sticker.


Each week, the class with the best attendance record will have the honour of hosting ‘Attendance Ted and/or Punctuality Pup’. Year 5 have been winning this award more than any other class, and have had several ice cream or cakes afternoons. In addition, the class that has the highest attendance over the term will have a pizza party.


Every half term, children with 100% will be recognised in our special ‘Attendance Assembly’ with a certificate and a 100% themed prize. Children really enjoy this recognition.


At the end of the academic year all those children with 100% attendance will be invited to go on a fun day out. It could be a trip to the zoo, visit Hollywood Bowling – it is yet to be decided, so watch this space!!






Attendance Days Off

St Teresa's Class (Year 5) who regulary win Attendance Ted and Punctuality Pup

St Teresa's Class (Year 5) who regulary win Attendance Ted and Punctuality Pup 1
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