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Term 1

Week 6

We have been having fun learning all about measures this week. To start the week off we have been looking at weight, how much do different tins weigh to the nearest 100g? 

Week 5 

This term in Art, we have been studying the artist Claude Monet. We have been making tints and shades of different colours and will be using this skill to recreate the painting 'Bridge over a pond of water lilies'. This week we created the background for our painting, can you see the different tints and shades we have created...


Taking care of the bulbs we planted last week...

Harvest Assembly 

On Friday 7th October we got to celebrate harvest with a whole school assembly. It was a such a joyous occasion, we were overwhelmed with the response for food for the local food bank, just look at this amazing display of food we got to donate. In year 2 we made hedgehog bread to celebrate in the assembly and will be writing instructions next week on how to make it. 

In Geography we continue to learn about the 7 continents and 5 seas of the world and have been moving onto identifying capital cities.

Week 4

In Science this week, we have been planting spring bulbs and learning that plants grow in different seasons and need the right temperature to grow. 

In Math's we have been learning to find pairs to ten to find out how many to the next ten. We have used lots of things to help us, such as 100 squares, counting beads and Numicon. 

Week 3

In PE we are lucky enough to have a cricket coach come into school and teach us how to play cricket - we were excited to use the bats today.

Outdoor learning is so much fun, this week in Science we were learning about trees. We discovered there are 2 types of trees, evergreen and deciduous. Ask me about the difference - which type can you spot on the way to school? 

Week 2 

In science we have been exploring seeds - we found lots of different types of seeds and was surprised how big and small some of them were. 

We have continued to Study the text - A Midsummer Nights Dream in more detail. We have focussed on the cheeky character of Puck the fairy. We had great fun making a purple potion, however Mrs King accidently drank it and grew a tail - thankfully Mrs Tinsley and some medicine that made the tail go away. 

We have been learning about money this week in Math's and enjoyed using the coins to investigate making totals.

Week 1 

In Math's this week, we have been looking at estimating and place value. We are learning to identify and place 2 digit numbers on a number line. 


We have been recapping the names of the 7 continents - we have enjoyed singing a song to help us remember this. Click on the link to hear the song:

In English we have began studying the text - A Midsummer nights Dream by William Shakespeare. 

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