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Term 1

Our learning displays from this term.

To celebrate our amazing learning from this term, we invited our parents in to look at our books. We had great fun showing off our new knowledge.

This week in Science, we had to complete our investigation without any help from our adults! We had to decide how we would define best and then investigate the best biscuit for dunking in tea or coffee. We had great fun coming up with ingenious ideas for testing.

This term, we've been learning to write a persuasive letter. Here we are, speaking our model text that helps us to learn the features of this style of writing.

This week, it is the Feast Day of our School's Saint. So, to celebrate St Edward, we invited all of our families to bring in a favourite dish: we wanted to celebrate the diversity and family-feel of our wonderful class. We had such fun trying lots of food from different countries, some we had tried before and others we hadn't. It was an amazing success and thank you to all of our parents for coming in to celebrate and bringing food for us!

In our learning about Black History Month, we had special visitors this week: dancers from Uganda! They taught us a dance from Uganda, which we then performed to our parents. It was great fun!

In RE, we reminded ourselves of the stories of Moses and David, by discussing as a class and acting it out. We then thought of the qualities they had and whether they had any in common before deciding who was most brave and why.

In Computing, we've been learning about coding. We've learnt the terms algorithm, object, action and event. This week, we had to de-bug code: this is when we find what is wrong and why it is not doing what we want. We really had to work as a team and help each other this week!

This week, we learnt about the water cycle. We used our previous learning about evaporation and condensation to explain what was happening at each stage before making our very own water cycles in a bag. It great fun watching the cycle on our window.

In PE, we have been learning about footwork and moving direction suddenly. To help with this, we have started looking at our balance so we don't fall over. We were surprisingly good at one-legged balance while completing squats, so Mrs. Rowse set us extra challenges to pick up a ball and place it back down on the floor as many times as possible while standing on our weaker leg!

In Maths, we are learning to use our understanding of place value to add numbers of different lengths. We are learning this to lead us into understanding exchange.

We had a fantastic assembly this morning: we can do anything we want to! If we just read, read and read, we will gain the brain power to be anything we like when we grow up! We learnt this through the story of Elon Musk and how he has invented some really clever things, like electric cars.

Later in the morning, we went outside to watch our visitor launch paper rockets into the sky. This was so much fun!

In Science, we continued our learning about the states of matter. This week, we learnt about gas turning to liquid, called condensing. We started by looking at what happens when we breathe on a window before putting an ice cube on cling film over warm water. We noticed there was water inside and outside of the cling film! Condensing and melting in action all at the same time!

In Geography, we looked at learning where in the world we are, before looking at how the UK is split into countries and then counties. We had good fun trying to locate ourselves on the different maps!

In Art, we've continued our study of Georges Seurat by looking at shading using Pointillism. We found it really difficult to show areas of light and dark using only a single colour but we persevered and created some lovely painted fruit or patterns.

On Friday, we had our Harvest Celebration Assembly. In preparation for this, we wrote prayers to thank God for the harvest and pray for those less fortunate than ourselves. We were then able to share these thoughts in Assembly.

We were really lucky on Wednesday: we were invited to attend our Trust's Beginning of Year Mass at Aylesford Priory. We had a fantastic time at the Priory, especially receiving our Lord or a blessing and having a picnic lunch afterwards.

In Science, we continued to look at how matter changes state. This week, we learnt about evaporation, when a liquid changes into a gas. We conducted an investigation to find the best way to dry washing and discovered that laying it out flat, outside not inside, was the best way. We had to observe our clothing over time to ensure we had accurate results.

In Geography, we have continued our learning about longitude and latitude. To help us remember which way around they are, we used arm movements to show longitude is up and down and latitude is across. We then used an atlas to find longitudes and latitudes of countries in Europe.

In Art, we continued our study of Pointillism. We reminded ourselves of the colour wheel and then tried to make one with Pointillist dots and some of us even tried optical mixing - it was really tough!

In RE, we've been learning about the Bible. This week, we learnt about Abraham and Sarah. We acted out a conversation where Abraham told Sarah they were leaving their land and following God's word, thinking about the words and emotions Abraham and Sarah would have felt.

In Science, we reminded ourselves of what the particles in a solid, liquid and gas looked like. We then held a chocolate button in our hand to see it changing state from solid to liquid! We realised that we were adding heat from our bodies to make the state of matter change. We then planned an experiment to investigate this further.

We had a really fun but important lesson today: road safety. We had a visitor come in to school and teach us about being safe around the roads, especially when crossing them. We learnt a lot today.

In Art, we've been learning about the man who founded pointillism: Georges Seurat. We decided to try to copy his art using three different mediums: cotton buds and both ends of a paintbrush, to see which was the easiest way to create small dots in our painting.

In RE, we have started learning about the Bible. We learnt that the word Bible means "books", as it is a collection of books written by different people. We continued our learning into finding out how to find specific scripture, using the book, chapter and verse references. Finally, we played a game where we had to decide whether a story was in the old or new testament.

In Science, we continued to investigate solids, liquids and gases. We classified their properties, deciding what state of matter each particular property related to. We also looked closely at rice as it appeared to fall into 2 categories. Finally, we saw what happened when we dropped a raisin in lemonade: all of the different states of matter were present, making the raisin keep rising and sinking again. It was fascinating!

We learnt about a different religion in RE this week: Islam. We learnt about their holy book, called the Qur'an, learning about why it is treated so carefully. We then thought about our own lives and what we treat with respect.

In Geography, we started by re-capping the continents and oceans: we did this by drawing our own maps of the world and labeling where everything is. We then went on to read a map and identify high ground for mountains and where rivers are, before adding these to our maps.

We have had an exciting return to school this week. In our Science lesson, we started to learn about the different states of matter. We learnt, and acted, that particles in a solid have strong bonds and so can not move apart easily; that particles in a liquid have weaker bonds but are still together; and that particles in a  gas have no bonds, so are free to move around on their own.

Celebration of learning

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