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St Matthew's Year 1 Class

2020-2021 - St Matthew's Year 1 Class is taught by Mrs Riordan and Mrs Blake. The teaching assistants supporting this class are Mrs L Wilson and Mrs Valentine.

Term 4

Term 4 RE Focal Area

Term 4 Week 6 Home Learning

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Week 6

This week we enjoyed Easter festivities. We took part in an Easter egg hunt on the school field and cat-walked our way across the playground in an Easter bonnet parade with Reception and Year 2. Well done to Agota and Zeus - our class winners. Their Easter bonnets were fabulous! We also filled the class marble jar and earned a teddy bears' picnic complete with snacks, music and dancing.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Bonnet Parade

Teddy Bears' Picnic

Term 4 Week 5 Home Learning

Week 5

In History this term we have been learning about the famous female scientists Hedy Lamarr and Mary Sherman Morgan. Did you know that Mary Sherman Morgan was an inventor who helped launch rockets into space! To celebrate this, we made our own rockets and launched them too. In English we practised using our rules for sentence writing and in Art we made delicious Easter nest cakes.

Tuesday 23rd March 2021 - National Day of Reflection

On the anniversary of the first national lockdown, we join the nation and paused for a minute's silence to reflect on the past year remembering the lives that have been lost. We made daffodils to mark the day as a symbol of reflection and unity.

Term 4 Week 4 Home Learning

Week 4

Year 1 have had another fabulous week of learning, taking part in a wealth of fun activities to excite us. In English we have made potions which we saw erupt and overflow. In RE we learned about the Bible story 'Jesus Enters Jerusalem' - The first Palm Sunday. We role played the story lining the street for Jesus and waving palms. We cooked our own healthy pizzas and took them home to enjoy and also made some beautiful Easter cards this week. Please browse the photos below to see what we have enjoyed this week.

English - Potion making

Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Still image for this video

Easter cards

Healthy pizzas

Term 4 Week 3 Home Learning

Below is an example of this week's home learning. Home learning is now set on Seesaw so it should be completed and uploaded on Seesaw from now on. 

Mother's Day 2021 - Sunday 14th March

Happy Mother's Day!

Year 1 made some beautiful Mother's Day cards in school using hand and finger prints. 

British Science Week T4 W3 (8th - 12th March) Back in school!

What a way to come back to school! We had so much fun taking part in British Science Week where we learned how to design, make and advertise our very own food product - a delicious, healthy yoghurt. 

We used STEMterprise and learned all about the process in different lessons throughout the week. Take a look at some examples of the fabulous Science work we have done across our lessons.

We were also blown away by some amazing Science experiments in Guided Reading.


This week in English, we designed a logo and name for our cafe, made and tasted the yoghurts then on Friday we filmed ourselves acting in adverts to persuade people to come to our cafe.

Friday - Adverts

Still image for this video


British Science Week in Maths involved investigating 2d shapes for our cafe logo, measuring and comparing seeds, practising counting to help count our ingredients and exploring 3d shape for our product's packaging.

Guided Reading

To help celebrate British Science Week, we carried out experiments every day in our Guided Reading sessions. We read the materials list, read and followed instructions to perform some amazing experiments. We made cola erupt with mints, tasted some fizzing oranges, created a storm in a glass and made a rainbow appear in a glass too!

Cola and mint experiment

Still image for this video

Fizzing oranges experiment

Still image for this video

Storm in a Glass 

To help us learn about how rain comes from clouds, we created a storm in a glass using water, shaving foam and blue food dye. You can see the experiment conducted by scientist joe here: Storm in a Glass - Science Fun 

Rainbow in a Glass 

Using skittles and water we created a rainbow in a glass. Click here to see how it was done: Rainbow in a Glass - Science Fun 

Book Week - T4 W2 (1st - 5th March) Remote Learning

Our last week of remote learning was spent celebrating Book Week. We heard the story 'The Selfish Crocodile' and used the book to help us with our learning in lots of different subjects. 

We had fun reading in lots of different places and re-created the front cover of some of our favourite books.

Reading challenges

We had lots of book fun by making a book tower, creating a book campsite, re-creating front covers of our favourite books and building our own reading dens.


We read the Selfish Crocodile and found out that the crocodile did not know how to look after his teeth. We wrote lists with information about how to look after our teeth as well as writing a letter to the selfish crocodile to tell him why we must look after our teeth.


The Selfish Crocodile, also known as Charlie Chomper helped us with our maths this week by finding more and less. Charlie Chomp like to eat the bigger numbers!


We taught the selfish crocodile how to brush his teeth correctly by filming ourselves brushing our teeth. We took photos of our super shiny and clean teeth.


We made a healthy banana smoothie which is good for your teeth. We hope the selfish crocodile likes it as  much as we did!

Term 4 Week 1

In the first week of term 4 we made story maps and wrote the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We learned lots about fractions in Maths and in our RE lessons we learned about HInduism. Take a look at some of this week's wonderful learning in the slide show below.

Term 3 - Learning remotely

Week 6

This week we have had very snowy weather so have used the snow in our learning activities. Take a look at the photos below to see how much fun we have had.


Safer Internet Day 2021 - Tuesday 9th February

We celebrated Safer Internet Day today by learning lots about staying safe online. We enjoyed an assembly where we met Digiduck who taught us how to stay safe, in Guided Reading we heard the story of Smartie the penguin and recited a staying safe song.

In Maths we built 3D shape SID models and in English we listed information that is safe to share online and information that is not good to share online. 

Week 5

We have had fun learning about doubling and halving in Maths this week. In RE we have discussed our church family and we have drawn pictures of our local church.

Dot paintings have been created in Art inspired by some Aboriginal art work we have explored this term. 

Week 4

This week we took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. We went outside to observe birds in our outside areas tallying the amount of each type of bird we saw.

In Geography we wrote Australasian animal fact files including some of the unusual animals that live on the continent.

In English we started learning the story Monkeys and Hats and created story maps to retell the story.

The slideshow below shows some of our wonderful work.


Week 3

Take a look at our tremendous time work in Maths this week.

We have also found out about what makes an animal a mammal in Science.

Week 2

This week in RE we have learned about families and what they mean to  us.

We have become poets in English and have written poems in different styles.

Week 1

During our first week of remote learning this year, we have learned about verbs in English, number bonds in Maths, have been introduced to Australasia in Geography, animals in Science and have listened to different genres of music in Art to create patterns. Some photos of our learning are in the slide show below.

Term 2

Term 2 RE Focal Area

Week 7 - Christmas

Year 1 Nativity Performance

Our Christmas celebrations looked a little different this year and Year 1 performed their own version of The Nativity. We hope you enjoyed watching the performance and below are some photos we took on the day.

Christmas Dinner and Christmas Jumper Day

On Tuesday 15th December, we celebrated this special time of year by wearing Christmas jumpers to school, making our own Christmas hats which we wore when we ate our Christmas dinners. It was delicious! 


We also made Christmas decorations to take home and we made Mr Garton a thank you card for donating crackers to our school which made our Christmas dinner even more special.

Remote Learning Week 2 - Week 6

We made a display at school to celebrate all the amazing learning we have done during our time at home.


We have worked hard at home completing English, Maths, RE, Science, History and some beautiful William Morris artwork too. We even completed some using Purple Mash.


Take a look at our display below.

Term 2 Week 2

Children in Need 2020

Having our class bubble shut did not stop us from taking part in Children in Need. We stayed in our pyjamas all day or wore our own clothes at home to recognise the day.

Term 2 Week 1 Home Learning

Term 1


We have been busy making displays for our corridors and hall. Outside our classroom we have made a reading display on the book 'The Day the Crayons Quit.'

We have painted portraits for our 'Year 1 Bubble' display by the hall and we learned about St Matthew and drew pictures of him for our class display in the hall.

Term 1 Week 8 Homework

Geography - The World and Continents

This term Year 1 have enjoyed learning about the world. We have learned that the world has 7 continents and 5 oceans. You have probably heard your child sing the continents song! To end the term, we painted our own globes.

Term 1 Week 7 Homework

Art - Painting skills

This term we have been learning about the landscape artist Turner. Take a look through our gallery to see what the Year 1 artists have painted.


This week we have been learning to write in clear sentences. We planted some bulbs in our outside area and wrote about the experience.




We have been busy on Purple Mash this term learning to log in and create our avatars. This week we learnt how to open a programme and save our work.

Term 1 Week 6 Homework


This week we have been learning about the rain. We observed the rain outside and we are going to be measuring the rainfall over the 4 seasons using a rain gauge.


We have been practising our handwriting by making patterns on the playground and on big paper. 

Term 1 Week 5 Homework

Please find below this week's homework.


This week some of us enjoyed building cvc words using our phoneme frames. It helped us to blend the words to read them.

Outdoor Learning Week: Monday 21st - Friday 25th September

This week Year 1 had lots of fun taking their learning outside and making the most of our outdoor learning areas. We did some practical maths partitioning using hoops and bean bags, took our English and Phonics lessons outside on the playground and in Science we observed seasonal change on the field learning about the signs of Autumn. On Friday we acted out The Creation Story in our outside area and searched for outdoor materials to paint with in Art on Friday afternoon. Please browse through the photos below to see how much fun we had learning!

Term 1 Week 4 Homework

Please see below for this week's homework including spellings.

Harvest Festival 2020

Year 1's donation for the Harvest Festival.

Term 1 Week 3 - Homework

Please find below this week's homework and a covering letter.

This week in Maths we have been ordering numbers and counting out amounts.

Term 1 Week 2

In RE this week we learned about Sikhism and what happens at the Gurdwara. Some of us dressed as if we were visiting a gurdwara.

2019-2020 - St Matthew's Year 1 Class is taught by Mrs Riordan and Mrs Blake. The teaching assistant supporting this class is Mrs L Wilson.



Term 6 - Home Learning
Term 6 Week 6
Year 1 have had a fabulous week this week learning lots about subtraction, story writing and Jesus' miracles. Below are some examples of the children's learning at home and at school.
Term 6 Week 5
Look below and you will see of the lovely learning that Year 1 have completed in school and at home this week. We have continued competing for our virtual sports day, we have enjoyed subtraction in Maths and we have learnt all about Jesus' first miracle when He turned water into wine John 2:1-11.

Term 6 Week 4 

Look at all the lovely things Year 1 have been doing at home this week ...

Term 6 Week 3
Take a look below at some of the wonderful learning Year 1 have enjoyed this week at home and at school including the St Edward's Virtual Sports Day 2020.

Term 6: week 2

Another great week of home learning, well done to everyone working hard at home. We have loved seeing photos of all your hard work...


English: Elves and the shoe maker 

Just look at the other amazing things Year 1 have been up to...

Term 6 Week 1

Year 1 have worked hard at home to complete their home learning this week.

English - Alternative or spelling and red word practice
Maths - Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.
Science - labelling and dissecting a plant
What else have Year 1 been up to at home this week? Take a look below to find out.
Term 5 - Home Learning
Take a look at some of the home learning Year 1 have completed while they have been away from school.

Term 5 Week 5

Aliens love underpants 
Addition and subtraction word problems
Look at the extra work Year 1 have been doing at home. Its so lovely to see how much fun your also having with your family ...
Term 5 Week 4
RE - Jesus appears to the Disciples - surprise cards
The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle - Story maps
Maths - Investigating length and height
Take a look at the slideshow below to see some of the exciting extra work that has been completed this week. The children look like they have had lots of fun!
Term 5 Week 3
Perfect portraits - Year 1 were asked to create a portrait of a member of staff by using any medium they wished. Browse through our gallery of the art work they produced.
Dinosaurs in the Supermarket - posters
Year 1 have been working really hard at home on their own home learning too.
Term 4 RE focal area

Term 4 Science

This term we were learning about our body in Science.

We learnt about the functions of some body parts, what a balanced diet is and why it is important. We had lots of fun learning about the benefits of exercise too.


Year 1 enjoying taking part in some exercise.

Easter Bonnet

Unfortunately our Easter bonnet parade had to be cancelled but this did not put Billy off. He made an Easter bonnet at home all by himself and brought it to school to show his friends - well done Billy.

Term 4 DT

This term we have been learning about food in DT. We were taught the importance of washing our hands and used paint to show how germs can travel. We also made some fruit kebabs which were delicious!

St Edward's Science Fair
Thursday 19th March 2020
Today St Edward's held their Science Fair with some of our class taking part. We were able to view the variety of super science experiments that pupils across the school had carried out at home. Well done to everyone that took part.
Year 1's experiments below:
British Science Week 2020
Monday 9th March - Friday 13th March
Thursday - Sun art
Today we learned about the sun - did you know that the sun is a star? It has sun spots and solar flares.
Wednesday afternoon - Making craters
On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have some of the children's grown ups join us in the afternoon for some fun science. We found out about craters and how they are made. We experimented to see who could make the biggest crater using flour and marbles. Year 1 found out that the bigger the marble, the bigger the crater will be and the further the crater falls, the bigger the crater will be. Thank you grown ups for joining us; we hope you had as much fun as we did.

Wednesday morning - Visitor

We were lucky enough to have a visitor who taught us all about 'Our Diverse Planet.' We went on a journey around the world exploring the seven continents and learning about the different animals that live there.


Tuesday - Straw rockets

On Tuesday this week, we found out about how rockets are launched into space. We learned about forces and how the reaction force thrust pushes rockets into space. We made straw rockets and using our breath as thrust, we launched our own rockets in the Year 1 classroom.

Monday - Balloon experiment

On Monday we learned what a scientist is and what jobs they might do. We then experimented with baking soda and white vinegar to create a chemical reaction that blew up a balloon.

Book Week

2nd - 6th March 2020

There were some exciting things happening across the school this week. Year 1 took part in dressing up and the sponsored read.

Reconciliation service

We chose a stone to decorate and spent time with thinking about how to make good choices. We then put them in a bowl ready for Father Frank to cleanse during the service.



In English, we 'talked' the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and created a class story map.

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday 26th February

The whole school visited our church for the Ash Wednesday service. Year 1 enjoyed staying behind after Mass to explore the church a little more.

Term 4 Week 1

Shrove Tuesday

Tuesday 25th February

Today we learned about Shrove Tuesday and why people make pancakes on this day. In DT, we got to decorate our own pancakes after finding out how to make them.

Term 3 RE focal area

Friday 14th February

This week in RE we have been learning about Baptism. We found out about the signs and symbols associated with Baptism and role played a baptism.

Year 1 Science display

We worked really hard to produce science display in the corridor for everyone to enjoy.   

Year 1 miracle display- The Calming of the Storm

Science - body parts

This week in Science we labelled body parts and identified where they go on a body map.


The Dogs Trust visit

In week 3, The Dogs Trust visited St Edwards. We were taught how to be dog smart and safe around dogs.

we learnt the 5 happy dog rules.