St Matthew's Year 1 Class

2020-2021 - St Matthew's Year 1 Class is taught by Mrs Riordan and Mrs Blake. The teaching assistants supporting this class is Mrs L Wilson and Mrs Valentine.

Outdoor Learning Week: Monday 21st - Friday 25th September

This week Year 1 had lots of fun taking their learning outside and making the most of our outdoor learning areas. We did some practical maths partitioning using hoops and bean bags, took our English and Phonics lessons outside on the playground and in Science we observed seasonal change on the field learning about the signs of Autumn. On Friday we acted out The Creation Story in our outside area and searched for outdoor materials to paint with in Art on Friday afternoon. Please browse through the photos below to see how much fun we had learning!

Term 1 Week 4 Homework

Please see below for this week's homework including spellings.

Harvest Festival 2020

Year 1's donation for the Harvest Festival.

Term 1 Week 3 - Homework

Please find below this week's homework and a covering letter.

2019-2020 - St Matthew's Year 1 Class is taught by Mrs Riordan and Mrs Blake. The teaching assistant supporting this class is Mrs L Wilson.



Term 6 - Home Learning
Term 6 Week 6
Year 1 have had a fabulous week this week learning lots about subtraction, story writing and Jesus' miracles. Below are some examples of the children's learning at home and at school.
Term 6 Week 5
Look below and you will see of the lovely learning that Year 1 have completed in school and at home this week. We have continued competing for our virtual sports day, we have enjoyed subtraction in Maths and we have learnt all about Jesus' first miracle when He turned water into wine John 2:1-11.

Term 6 Week 4 

Look at all the lovely things Year 1 have been doing at home this week ...

Term 6 Week 3
Take a look below at some of the wonderful learning Year 1 have enjoyed this week at home and at school including the St Edward's Virtual Sports Day 2020.

Term 6: week 2

Another great week of home learning, well done to everyone working hard at home. We have loved seeing photos of all your hard work...


English: Elves and the shoe maker 

Just look at the other amazing things Year 1 have been up to...

Term 6 Week 1

Year 1 have worked hard at home to complete their home learning this week.

English - Alternative or spelling and red word practice
Maths - Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.
Science - labelling and dissecting a plant
What else have Year 1 been up to at home this week? Take a look below to find out.
Term 5 - Home Learning
Take a look at some of the home learning Year 1 have completed while they have been away from school.

Term 5 Week 5

Aliens love underpants 
Addition and subtraction word problems
Look at the extra work Year 1 have been doing at home. Its so lovely to see how much fun your also having with your family ...
Term 5 Week 4
RE - Jesus appears to the Disciples - surprise cards
The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle - Story maps
Maths - Investigating length and height
Take a look at the slideshow below to see some of the exciting extra work that has been completed this week. The children look like they have had lots of fun!
Term 5 Week 3
Perfect portraits - Year 1 were asked to create a portrait of a member of staff by using any medium they wished. Browse through our gallery of the art work they produced.
Dinosaurs in the Supermarket - posters
Year 1 have been working really hard at home on their own home learning too.
Term 4 RE focal area

Term 4 Science

This term we were learning about our body in Science.

We learnt about the functions of some body parts, what a balanced diet is and why it is important. We had lots of fun learning about the benefits of exercise too.


Year 1 enjoying taking part in some exercise.

Easter Bonnet

Unfortunately our Easter bonnet parade had to be cancelled but this did not put Billy off. He made an Easter bonnet at home all by himself and brought it to school to show his friends - well done Billy.

Term 4 DT

This term we have been learning about food in DT. We were taught the importance of washing our hands and used paint to show how germs can travel. We also made some fruit kebabs which were delicious!

St Edward's Science Fair
Thursday 19th March 2020
Today St Edward's held their Science Fair with some of our class taking part. We were able to view the variety of super science experiments that pupils across the school had carried out at home. Well done to everyone that took part.
Year 1's experiments below:
British Science Week 2020
Monday 9th March - Friday 13th March
Thursday - Sun art
Today we learned about the sun - did you know that the sun is a star? It has sun spots and solar flares.
Wednesday afternoon - Making craters
On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have some of the children's grown ups join us in the afternoon for some fun science. We found out about craters and how they are made. We experimented to see who could make the biggest crater using flour and marbles. Year 1 found out that the bigger the marble, the bigger the crater will be and the further the crater falls, the bigger the crater will be. Thank you grown ups for joining us; we hope you had as much fun as we did.

Wednesday morning - Visitor

We were lucky enough to have a visitor who taught us all about 'Our Diverse Planet.' We went on a journey around the world exploring the seven continents and learning about the different animals that live there.


Tuesday - Straw rockets

On Tuesday this week, we found out about how rockets are launched into space. We learned about forces and how the reaction force thrust pushes rockets into space. We made straw rockets and using our breath as thrust, we launched our own rockets in the Year 1 classroom.

Monday - Balloon experiment

On Monday we learned what a scientist is and what jobs they might do. We then experimented with baking soda and white vinegar to create a chemical reaction that blew up a balloon.

Book Week

2nd - 6th March 2020

There were some exciting things happening across the school this week. Year 1 took part in dressing up and the sponsored read.

Reconciliation service

We chose a stone to decorate and spent time with thinking about how to make good choices. We then put them in a bowl ready for Father Frank to cleanse during the service.



In English, we 'talked' the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and created a class story map.

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday 26th February

The whole school visited our church for the Ash Wednesday service. Year 1 enjoyed staying behind after Mass to explore the church a little more.

Term 4 Week 1

Shrove Tuesday

Tuesday 25th February

Today we learned about Shrove Tuesday and why people make pancakes on this day. In DT, we got to decorate our own pancakes after finding out how to make them.

Term 3 RE focal area

Friday 14th February

This week in RE we have been learning about Baptism. We found out about the signs and symbols associated with Baptism and role played a baptism.

Year 1 Science display

We worked really hard to produce science display in the corridor for everyone to enjoy.   

Year 1 miracle display- The Calming of the Storm

Science - body parts

This week in Science we labelled body parts and identified where they go on a body map.


The Dogs Trust visit

In week 3, The Dogs Trust visited St Edwards. We were taught how to be dog smart and safe around dogs.

we learnt the 5 happy dog rules. 

Science - Term 3 Week 2

An alien crash landed  trying to find out about animals on Earth. We found a device with a recording of Slimko the alien on. He asked us to help him with his mission to find out about animals including aliens. Of course, Year 1 agreed to help! 


This term we have been learning about the continent Australasia. In pairs we painted some beautiful scenes from the continent.  

Term 3 Science - Animals including humans 

Something very peculiar happened in our outside area!

Term 2 RE focal area

Tuesday 17th December


Today we enjoyed a visit from Father Christmas.

Mary Our Mother
In term 2 we have been learning about Mary our Mother. At the end of this term we painted portraits of Mary wearing blue.
Key Stage 1 Nativity Performance
Friday 13th December
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 did a wonderful job of telling the Nativity story through their Christmas performance. Take a look at some photographs of Year 1 in costume. We think you'll agree that they look fabulous.
Year 1 Christmas Display - The Nativity story map
Thursday 12th December

Year 1 held their own election. We learned about 4 parties and their manifestos. We chose one main point from each and discussed as a class.

We chose children to represent each party then had a secret ballot.

The results of Year 1's election were:

Red party - 10

Yellow party - 4

Blue party - 2

Green party - 5

Take a look at the slideshow of photos from our election.

Christmas Fair/ Enterprise Day

Term 2 week 6


Term 2 Week 4


Friendship Week - we took part in lots of activities that promoted team skills and good communication. We learned lots of new things about one another. 

We had great fun in science, investigating which type of paper can absorb the most water.

Term 2 Week 3


Aylesford Priory Retreat

Science - properties of everyday materials

Using our knowledge of materials, we found materials with certain properties such as hard, soft and transparent. We grouped materials according to their properties. 

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Display

Children in Need

15th November

The children had lots of fun raising money for Children in Need.

Potion making

Term 2 Week 2

In English we have been making potions and using adjectives to describe them.  

We had to use our science skills to classify everyday materials.

Science - Everyday materials

Something has happened to our classroom!



Term 1 RE focal area
Our Lady of all nations

Term 1 Week 6

Two nuns from Our Lady of All Nations in Amsterdam visited the school. They spent time with us in Year 1 so we could ask questions about what their life is like.

God's Great Plan
In RE during term 1, our topic was God's Great Plan. We read stories from the Bible about Creation and Adam and Eve. we thought about how we can take care of the wonderful world God has given us.

Term 1

Science - The seasons

This term we have been learning about the seasons and weather associated with each season. Take a look at some of the fun activities we have taken part in including naming the months and seasons, measuring wind direction and strength as well as making a rain gauge and recording temperature. 

Term 1 Geography - World and Continents

We have been learning about the wonderful world, the land and sea and continents. In week 2 we even made our own worlds!

Year 1 found St. Edward just outside their classroom!

Year 1 found lots of ladybirds on the plants growing in their flower beds!

St. Matthew's Hall Display 2019

Look below at all the amazing achievements last year's St Matthew's Class did....

Enterprise Day

Each class were given £20 and need to make as much money as they can by making and selling something.

We have been working hard to make scented playdough and popcorn to sell at the summer fare. 


This week we have been learning all about capacity and have had great fun exploring different size containers in the water. 

Year 1 Mass

We were lucky enough to be invited to a mass at Ss Henry and Elizabeth Catholic Church. We enjoyed having time to look around the church and admire all the beautiful religious artefacts. 

Science - minibeasts

To start off our minibeast topic we went out to explore the garden and used magnifying glasses to spot as many minibeasts as we could. 


To finish off our topic on plants we looked closely at the different trees on our school field. We recorded there name, height, age, colour and collected some leaves from the trees. We had great fun doing tree rubbings and creating posters to show all of our findings. What do you think of our posters....


This week we have been learning all about measuring and comparing lengths. 

Science - Parts of a plant 

Today we explored the garden, we carefully dug up plants to look at the roots. The plants were brought back to class and put in pots of water, we observed the roots closely and drew them. 

Making bead strings

We made our own bead strings to help us with our addition and subtraction.

Term 5 Science - Plants

To start our topic, we had a visit from some botanists.


We have been learning about plants, dissecting flowers and have grown our own bean plants.


Whole school trip to Wildwood
We had such an amazing time spotting animals form the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. It helped us with our animal themed writing. 

Easter Bonnet Parade

Year 1's winners this year.

Family Trust

The Family Trust visited and performed The Passion using puppets. 

Owl Babies

We built nests using materials that we found on the field.  

World Book Day 2019

DT Week

We showed off our cooking skills and spent the week learning about food and nutrition. Year 1 have some keen chefs among them.  

Our own Uluru

We built our own version of the sacred Australasian landmark Uluru.

We journeyed across Australasia, learning about Australasian animals, weather and countries. Take a look at all the learning we did. 
KRAG visitor
Year 1 were very lucky to have a scientist visit us from KRAG - Kent reptile and amphibian group. She told us lots of information about native reptiles and amphibians in our area.
Alien crash landing!
Something very unusual appeared in our outside area. Have aliens visited Year 1?
Mrs Riordan was very brave and investigated the crash site.
Snow and Ice Day Wednesday 9th January
We enjoyed a day of snow and ice, painting polar bear pictures and experimenting with ice in Science. We made rainbow ice and chocolate ice cream. Bryn enjoyed the ice cream!
At the end of term, we had a surprise visit from Father Christmas.
EYFS and KS1 Nativity performance 2018-19
This year's Nativity performance, 'A King is Born' was a huge success. Take a look at the photos below.
We worked hard to make snow globes for our part of the Nativity story displays.

Retreat: 28th November 2018, focusing on LOVE

We honoured Remembrance Day with class activities, making Lego models of poppies, designing peace gardens and painting poppies for a whole school memorial.
We had an amazing week designing and making potions. Look at our faces!

29th October 

This week we have been learning about Hinduism and light. We took part in some Bollywood dancing and made moving 'light' pictures. 

Harvest week 

Year 1 have worked hard to create a Harvest display to show everyone how thankful we are. 

We peeled, chopped and mixed harvest produce to make vegetable soup. Mrs Wakefield could smell it cooking from her office so she joined us for a taste and said it was delicious!  
We used real life fruit and vegetables to add and subtract in our Maths lessons.

Upnor Castle: 25th September, CASTLE Theme Week

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