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British Science Week 2024

To begin British Science Week, we joined together with every other primary school in our Trust and were set a challenge but Primary Science Teaching Trust Regional Mentor Tom Holloway, which we had to investigate. Later in the day, we then came back together to share our findings.

EYFS and Key Stage 1


Tom set us the challenge of investigating which liquids stop apples from turning brown. We had to investigate by coating apples with the same amount of liquid and observing them across the day.

Lower Key Stage 2


We were investigating biscuits, discovering which was the best to dunk in tea. First, we had to define best and then gather our results through investigation. Finally, we had to present our investigation and findings to say which biscuit was best and why.

Upper Key Stage 2


We also had to investigate biscuits and which was the best for dunking. However, our working scientifically focus was about accuracy and repeat readings. We had to be sure of our findings and be able to confidently say which was best and why through linking back to our results.

Other Learning


In our whole day of science, year 1 also investigated how shadows moved and linked these to the time of day. Year 3 learnt about how bodies change as we age and year 4 made marble runs where the marble had to take exactly 15 seconds to travel down the board. This was very difficult but a lot of fun was had by all.

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