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Term 2

Week 7 - This week we have been having LOTS of fun! We made lots of special Christmas decorations to take home. We had a fantastic Christmas dinner and we enjoyed as a class. We went to see 'Sleeping Beauty' the pantomine AND we enjoyed our last day of term 2 by going to mass at our church. We hope Year 3 have a lovely Christmas break, and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 4th January ready for our first Swimming Lesson.

Week 6 - In maths, we have been learning about perimeter and using numicon to help us. In English, we have been doing poetry. In Science, we uncovered our fossils and we LOVED them!

Week 5- This week in Maths, we have been starting to learn about millilitres and litres. We have been estimating and measuring the capacity of containers. In science, we have been learning about fossils and the process of fossilisation. We made our own fossils... We also had a visit from the Big Fish Arts and we got to make our own christmas lanterns.

Week 4- In Maths, we have been learning about kilograms and grams and putting data into graphs. In English we have been finishing our writing of changing a scene in our book 'Leon and the place between.' In Science, we have been studying whether rocks are permeable or impermeable and did an experiment to see what rocks were and were not permeable. In DT, we have been making our stone age dioramas and using lever to move our characters.

Week 3 - This week, we went to the beach to find different rocks. We found all the types of rocks, even a piece of Pumice which is an Igneous rock. We also had a look at how climate change and the weather is affecting the rocks. We made posters about this and added our rocks to our rock museum. In Maths, we have been measuring in centimetres and metres and converting them. In computing, we have been doing touch typing. We are practicing really well at this. In RE, we was discussing how Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth and how much of an affect Mary had on not just Elizabeth but us too.

Week 2 - In English, we have been doing some character and setting description based on our book ' Leon and the place between '. In Maths, we have been learning about doubling and halving numbers and using lots of manipulatives to solve the questions. In Science, we were learning about the 3 different types of rocks and made them using starbursts. In RE, we were talking about the Annunciation. In Music, we have been learning about pulses and beats and today we started learning the cup song.

11/11/21 - Remembrance Day. At 10.58, we did our 2 minute silence in order to show respect and thanks to the soldiers both fallen and living. We had lots of questions about this and had some great discussion. We then made a display for our grown ups to see and drew our own poppies.

Week1 - In English, we started our book called 'Leon and the place between' and made predictions about what it may be about. In maths. some of us were finding different ways to make numbers to 20 and we started to learn about doubling. In RE, we learnt about another faith 'Buddhism' and we learnt about the 4 noble truths where we need to always be grateful for what we have in our lives. In science, we were rock detectives (geologists) and started to learn about rocks and make accurate drawings like a true geologist would.

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