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Term 5

This month is May: the month of Mary. To celebrate our Mother Mary, we made and decorated our prayer corner with flowers for Mary.

For RE this week, we have been looking at the Transforming Holy Spirit and how it affected people. We learnt that St. Peter used his Holy Spirit to spread the word of God and to build the foundations of the Church we know today. We also learnt that each successive Pope is a descendant of St. Peter!

We then thought about how different people in ours lives lead us to Jesus and how grouped them accordingly.

In Geography, we have been looking at the difference between human and physical features of the land; we also compared French and British human and physical land features. We had great fun grouping the features in different ways.

In Science this week, we were investigating shadows. We were given 4 questions to investigate and answer on our own:

1. Are shadows always black? Why?

2. How are shadows made?

3. Can the shape of a shadow be changed?

4. What is the best material-type (translucent, transparent or opaque) for creating a shadow?

We had great fun answering and investigating these questions and were very scientific in our approach.

Our Computing lessons this term have been so much fun... We've been learning to use filters on the camera to created different versions of the same image. We really enjoyed creating this slideshow.

In Science this term, we've learnt that light travels in straight lines. However, we wondered how we could see around corners if we needed to. Therefore, we tried to "change" the direction of light by reflecting it off of mirrors and into our eyes. We had to face the window but see behind the whiteboard to see something that Mrs. Rowse had hidden!

We've been looking at Promoting Peace this week as part of our Catholic Social Teaching. We have focused on how we promote peace in school: namely, through Restorative Justice, as we can run this ourselves, with the year 5 children. We used this as a writing focus, creating information texts; our lovely teachers then created this display to brighten our corridor.

Our PE this term has continued with the game of Dodgeball: we've really enjoyed this, especially putting together some acrobatic moves to jump out of the way of an incoming ball!

With our SATs in the mornings, Mrs. Rowse felt we needed something fun and calming in the afternoon, so we completed an art project. We were given the title "This is Me" and a piece of paper... Everything else was up to us and how we felt we could best show ourselves. We had great fun making them and can not wait to take them home to share with our grown-ups.

This week, we've had our SATs in the mornings. To help us relax and prepare for the next day, Mrs. Rowse set us a challenge across Monday and Tuesday afternoons: we had to build a Crazy Contraption! Based on the idea for a recent television show, we had to build, refine and test a contraption that put a peg into a cup. BUT there was a catch! We had to have a minimum of 5 different chain reactions to make it happen, such as a domino effect or a rolling object. We found this very frustrating but also good fun.

This term, in PE, we are starting with a game called Bean Bag raid. As it was a lovely day, we played outside and got very hot! We then went into the hall to practise our skill of balance and throwing: we found this difficult as we were throwing and catching more than one item at a time!

In Geography this term, we are comparing France with the UK, with a particular emphasis on the area around Sheppey. To start, we had to learn the features of both countries, such as rivers, mountains and cities. We put the information for each country on tracing paper and then overlaid them to see if we could notice any patterns about the individual countries before comparing them.

In RE this week, we were learning about Peter the Apostle. To start, we each studied a piece of scripture, then presented our findings about him to the class so everyone knew everything!

Our Computing topic at the moment is Different Effects with Photos: to start, we took a selfie and edited it using our Purple Mash 2Paint programme - we found this a really fun lesson!

In Geography this term, we will be looking at, and comparing, France to the Isle of Sheppey and the UK. To start, we needed to find where both these countries were! We then discovered how they were split up: the UK into counties and France into regions.

In Science this week, we were given a bendy tube, a coloured piece of cellophane and a torch; our task was to prove that light travels in straight lines.

We realised that if the light had travelled through the tube, it was red - if it came from the torch, it was white. We then discovered if the tube was straight, we could see the red light; if it was bent, we could not see red light, thus proving that light travels in straight lines.

In Art, we are going to look at Pencil Drawing this term. To start, Mrs. Palmer wondered how we could change the darkness of what was on the page without changing how hard we pressed... We investigated different pencil types, from H to B, and made a list to help us remember. We then applied what we'd learnt: we used a view finder to zone-in on a small section of an image from The Highwayman - our English text - imitating it using the different pencils we had discovered.

This term we have begun our Light topic in Science. For our first lesson, we used the equipment to find as many exciting facts as we could, generating questions about what we wanted to know and explaining the ideas we already knew.

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