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Term 3

After a restful Christmas break, Year 6 have had a busy first week back. We have begun a new text in English - The Highwayman, by Alfred Noyes and Charles Keeping; we studied the faith Hinduism and learnt about different areas of the religion and created our own shrines. In Maths, we have focused on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Finally, we finished our week off by learning how to create a running stitch in our Art lesson.

This week, Year 6 have been creating more fabulous Art work and learnt how to sew a backstitch. We used their skills to start to create a bag with a pattern on it. In Music, we explore dynamics, pitch and texture of music and practised being conductors to control the dynamics. We began our new Science unit on Evolution and Inheritance. We played a game of 'Guess Who?' (with our own photos) to identify the characteristics of each person before exploring how characteristics can be either inherited or a result of the environment. This week, we also took part in the school's reading carousel. We went to three other classes and enjoyed a range of reading-based activities.

This week, we have continued our Art lesson by learning how to create a blanket stitch; we used our skills to create a small bag. In French, we have learnt how to say and write the names of animals and pets that we have or do not have. Our Music lessons have continued to focus on texture and acting as conductors to control various overlapping sounds. In Geography, we have learnt about the land use and famous landmarks in France. We now know the difference between the five different types of land use: agricultural, residential, mining, industrial, and recreational.

On Tuesday,  we were fortunate to have a visit from an ex army athlete, Darran Challis, who participated in the Invictus Games. The children took part in a 10 minute circuit challenge which was then followed with an inspirational assembly led by Darran. Our PE lesson this week focused on a cognitive aspect through playing the game Dodgeball. We were tasked with discussing team tactics that would enhance and outwit our opponents. In RE, we were learning about the third part of Mass: The Offertory. We took time to reflect, meditate, and contemplate how we can live better lives and how we can help those around us. The school value this week was Forgiveness. Well done to Mrs. Palmer for receiving the certificate.

Year 6 have had another busy week, this week. On Monday, we continued our Science learning on evolution and inheritance and carried out investigations focused on evolution: bird beaks. On Wednesday, the whole school took part in Number Day where we able to complete Maths activities/ challenges for the whole day. We have also been busy learning about Joseph and his colourful coat: the meaning of Joseph's dreams and the meaning of the Pharoah's dreams. We created a colourful display to showcase our learning.

This week, as it is the end of term, we have been working on finishing off final pieces of work. In English we were working on Haiku poems on The Highwayman, following a 3-line, 5-7-5 syllable pattern. Tuesday was Internet Safety Day; we looked at how we feel when we are on line and discussed our digital footprint. We created posters to show our understanding on how to stay safe online. We finished off sewing our Art project creating small cushions with an applique of The Eiffel Tower on. 

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