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St Edward's CatholicPrimary School

Term 1

PE - This week in PE, we began learning new skills for a game called 'End Ball'. We started by focusing on co-ordination.

RE - Last week in RE, we used drama to show each other how we can look after and care for one another. We used Mathew 25:34-37 to link it.

ART - We have been studying Sarah Carrington in our Art Lessons. We have been identifying different skills to use in our work.

English - After looking at Baby Archie, we discussed the similarities and differences between Humans and Animals. This caused some amazing discussions!

MEMORABLE MOMENT - We had a visit from an Owl Sanctuary! The children got to see the owls fly across the hall for a tasty treat.

Science - We built our very own structures using straws and celotape. We predicted what would happen to the structure when each end was connected.

Science - We dropped objects from different distances to measure the FORCE! What objects could drop faster?

PE - We learnt how to play 'Throw Tennis'. It was great fun!

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