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Year 1

Term 2- How have toys changed through time?

In Term 2, we will be learning about what has happened before the children were born- beyond living memory. We will learn about events that happened to our older siblings before we look at our parents' and grandparents' lives. Across this time period, we will learn about toys and how they have changed over time. We will look at the materials used to make them and compare them to toys that we play with now. We will decide whether we prefer toys from history or toys from present day and will be able to justify our opinions.



Term 2: Year 1 Toys old and new workshop

Term 4: Why were Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole important people?

This term, Year 1 will be looking at the two nurses who went to help save the lives of British soldiers who had been injured during wars around the world. They both dedicated their own lives to look after sick people and, as a result, nursing became a recognised profession. We will learn about how they improved the lives of others as well as consider their greatest achievements.

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