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Term 2- What has happened in our own lives?

In term 2, we will be learning about how situations in our lives change everyday. We will consider what has happened today, yesterday, last week and last year. We will look at people who are in our own families and compare them to others. We will learn about different celebrations that we have had and use the past tense to describe these.



We will also learn about dinosaurs and know that they lived a very long time ago. We will study fossils and begin to understand events that happened before we were born.

Term 4: Who is our King?

This term we will be studying Kings and Queens of Britain. With King Charle's Coronation, in May, we are learning about his family and the historical events that have brought him to the throne. We will also be looking at local castles and who has lived in them over the years.

Term 6- What transport do we use in Sheerness?

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