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St Edward's Catholic Primary School

Year R

Term 1: What's in our local area

This term, Reception children will be discovering our local area, walking around the school to notice features of the school environment. We will be reading 'We're going on a bear hunt' as well as mapping a trail to help us remember the route that we have taken. In our local area, we have many landmarks that we will become more familiar with as we map our journeys to and from school. We will be studying the weather and seasons that changes throughout the year.


Term 3: Arctic and Antarctic- Where are the cold and hot places in the world?

This term, Reception children will be learning about changes on weather patterns and seasons. We will look at cold places around the world. We will learn about which animals would be found in these places as well as how they keep themselves warm. We will look at a penguin life-cycle and compare to an animal in the UK. We will learn about the behaviour of water when it is cooled and heated.

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