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British Science Week 2023

KCSP Science Day


To kick-start British Science Week in 2023, out Trust, KCSP, held an online Science Day where every primary school in the trust attended an online lesson for their phase - EYFS and Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 3. Each phase was set a challenge by Tom Holloway, a science guru from the Primary Science Teaching Trust. They then had to investigate their challenge and report back in the afternoon. What a fun science-themed day!

Early Years and Key Stage 1


Tom's challenge to our youngest pupils was to create a nest for birds' eggs. They then had to investigate if their nest would hold the eggs securely without them rolling away and also withstand wind, rain and other weather conditions that it might be subjected to.

Lower Key Stage Two


Years 3 and 4 were set a challenge to make a seismometer which measures vibrations in the ground. This can then be used to detect if earthquakes or other natural disasters are beginning. This was a tricky object to make accurately but the children had a really good try - though the noises and movements in class meant their readings were not completely accurate.

Upper Key Stage Two.


Our oldest children were set a challenge to find out their classmates' reaction times by dropping a ruler and seeing how far it fell before they caught it. The children were asked to look for and identify patterns in their results so they could accurately make a conclusion as to which group of people had the quickest reaction time.

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