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Term 6

Welcome back to Term 6. Here is some useful information for Year 4:

Our topic leaflet:

Our home learning tasks:

This was an exciting term for some of us: we've been taking lessons since September to help us understand our Church and this term, we were able to receive Jesus fully for the first time. To celebrate, we had an assembly and party in school.

In Science, we are exploring living things and their habitats. To start, we explored our school grounds to find what was living harmoniously with each other.

We've had a really exciting time at Beach School this term. We learnt about the strand line, exploring what we could find. Then we looked at birds through binoculars and telescopes and also helped keep our home clean by picking up litter. Finally, we played games, at the Sand Pit and in school, to help us learn about reducing, reusing and recycling.

In History, we are learning about the Tudor period with a specific link to King Henry VIII's visits to Kent. We looked at how to construct a timeline by putting our Tudor happenings in chronological order; we then headed outside to pace out 1 step per year to see how spread out they would be on a timeline. Finally, we came in to draw a timeline in our books.

In Art, we've been learning about the sculptor Barbara Hepworth. We began our study by copying one of her single-piece sculptures in clay. Next, we looked at her multi-piece sculptures, considering how they were joined and how we could do this in our own copies of the sculptures.

We had a fantastic Sports Day this year. We took part in seven events ranging from hurdles to javelin, egg and spoon to soaking a sponge in water and collecting it at the other end. We finished with running races. A great day was had by all in the lovely Sheerness sunshine.

We had a visitor this term about keeping our minds and bodies healthy. It was a fantastic production called Captain Wonderweb; we really enjoyed it and had many discussions about our physical and mental health from it.

This term we reminded ourselves about democracy - especially with the general election for grown ups! We discussed how everyone has a vote and how the candidates encourage others to vote for them. We then created our own manifesto posters for what we would stand for if we were being elected to parliament.

We were really lucky this term: we got to play on giant inflatables! It was so much fun!

We had an exciting financial, enterprise activity this term. We had to make things to sell at our summer fayre, considering how much it cost to make, how long it took and then how much people would be willing to pay - whilst also trying to make a profit! To help us with this, we also thought about introducing a game to encourage people to come back to our stall again and again.

We had a very exciting visit to the port to support our Geography learning. It was amazing to see the scale of the port and how much comes through it every week!

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