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Term 2

We've had a very festive week in Year 4 and we are all extremely excited that Father Christmas will be visiting soon!


At the beginning of the week, we finished off all our Topics, English and Maths work and created a wonderful display in celebration of all the hard work Year 4 have done this term.



Year 4 joined the rest of the school in church to participate in an end of term Mass. This was our first time meeting the new Father and the children showed fantastic manners and impeccable behaviour even though it was a little chilly!



It was that time of year again where St Edward's went on their annual trip to Swallows Leisure Centre to watch the panto. This year, it was Cinderella and was filled with lots of fun and laughter. The children has an amazing time and once again showed their best behaviour.


Father Christmas visited Year 4!


Yesterday, Year 4 got a huge surprise when Father Christmas came to our class for a visit! The class received a gift and a selection box and were so excited to see him, which was a lovely end to our Christmas jumper and dinner day.


Thank You!

Thanks to our lovely Year 4 parents, as a class we made a healthy profit on Enterprise day and we are extremely grateful for all of your support. When we receive the final total, I will let you all know.

We've had an extremely busy and fun week in Year 4!


Speed Stacking

On Wednesday, Year 4 (along with Year 3) took part in a whole day Speed stacking event. In the morning, we were taught the basic hand movements of Speed stacking and then competed in groups for points in races. In the afternoon, Year 3 joined us, and we competed together to win points for each colour team. All children received a certificate at the end of the event and the winning team from both year groups received a medal too. It was a fantastic day and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


Big Fish Arts

On Thursday, Year 4 took part in lantern making with Big Fish Arts. The children did extremely well in following the instructions to make them as they were quite tricky! Once the frame was constructed and covered, we decorated our lanterns and added fairy lights. The lanterns will be coming home with the children if they are going to join in the parade on Saturday 3rd December. The parade will be leaving McDonalds, sheerness at 4pm. We hope to see you all there!


Buddy the Elf

Buddy the Elf has joined Year 4 this week and has already been getting into lots of mischief!



This week in science, we have been learning how electricity moves through a circuit. We have built our own circuits to explore this further. 



This week, we finished our diary entries, and I would like to share with you a couple of fantastic examples.

Dog's Trust


On Thursday, we had Dog's trust visit our school and Year 4 took part in a workshop that was designed to teach children how to safely be around dogs. It was a very informative and practical session that I believe the children got a lot from.




This week in French,

 Year 4 have been learning the sounds ' oi, ch, ou, on'. Learning how to say these sounds phonetically in French is aimed at improving pronunciation when speaking. We found this a little tricky at first, but soon got the hang of it.




We have continued with the drafting of our diary entries based on the text 'The thieves of Ostia'. We have been using a new editing technique that has really encouraged the children to feel confident in their editing and improving skills. Year 4 have produced some wonderful drafts and we will share them in the near future when we have completed our big write.

Trip to Canterbury Museum


On Tuesday, Year 4 went on a trip to the Canterbury Museum and The Beaney. As we are looking at Romans and their impact on Britain this term for History, this was a fantastic opportunity to see Roman artefacts and to learn more about how the Romans lived. The children took part in a tour around the museum while completing a fact hunt and then took part in a mosaic making class. After lunch, we moved on to the Beaney Museum and looked around all their amazing collections of weird and wonderful. We had a fantastic day, and the class were extremely well behaved and polite to all!



This week, we continued to look at mechanisms and the elements that make them work. We investigated how pulleys work through building our own.




To show our respect and that our thoughts are with those who were lost, each child at St Edward's created a token to take to Friday's Remembrance assembly. This could be any design that they felt represented their thoughts, although, the poppy was a popular choice.


Our new text this week is 'The Thieves of Ostia', a story about a young Roman girl who befriends a Jewish boy of the same age, rescues a young slave girl and has many adventures with her new friends. For our writing based on this text, Year 4 are starting to plan a diary entry, which will describe the day Flavia (the young girl) rescued the slave. We are really focusing on retrieving information from the text about what Flavia; saw, heard and how she felt. This text is a nice link to our history topic this term, Romans and their impact on Britain.


RE Link- Diversity

Each class was given a different word as a focus for our RE display boards. Year 4 were given the word diversity and have created some fantastic acrostic poems and artwork using their previously learnt pointillism skills.



This week, we have started our new topic in PE that has a focus on the children, learning balance and footwork skills. To end the lesson, we created a mini assault course that the children had to manoeuvre using the new skills they had learnt.



This term, we are learning about mechanisms, with the goal to create a Roman chariot at the end of term. This week, our focus was on levers, learning their purpose and how they work. We then made our own levers from card and split pins.

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