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St Edward's Catholic Primary School

Year 3

Term 1: Where in the world is the UK?

This term, Year 3 will be learning about cities in the UK- recognising the difference between a town and a city as well as how we travel between places. We will consider patterns of settlement and land use when looking at where mountains and rivers are found. We will look further at land use and how this helps us to survive. We will revise the continents and oceans around the world, using an eight-point compass to describe their position on a map. We will recognise that the UK is a part of Europe and recognise that areas are hotter when they are closer to the equator.

Term 3: Where in California would you prefer to live?

This term, Year 3 will look at North America and consider its place in the world. We will learn about climate zones as well as the effects of mountains upon weather, vegetation and human population. We will consider the benefits of living along the coastline and the impact of living in an arid climate. Developing our knowledge of lines of latitude, we will learn about the north and south hemisphere.


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