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St Edward's Catholic Primary School

Term 5

Welcome back to Term 5. We hope you've all had a fantastic and relaxing Easter break.

This term will be a busy one for Year 6 as it is SATs term and they will take place during week 5. In order to be fully prepared for the tests, Year 6 will be working on their final math unit of Shape that will be in the morning sessions with revision sessions in the the afternoons. To begin with, the children have already studied triangles, quadrilaterals and measuring angles.

This term's PE unit will return to the Jasmine platform on Real PE where the children will focus on the physical cog by learning how to play the game 'Jumpball'.

RE, this term is all on The Transforming Spirit. So far, the children have learnt about the ascension and the meaning of Paschal Mystery (the life, death, resurrection and the ascension of Jesus) and will move on to Pentecost before studying Peter the Apostle, Early Christian Community and Paul the Apostle.

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