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Term 4

Welcome back to school in term 4! 


Week one


In week one we dived straight into our class book, Bill's New Frock. This is a humorous and engaging text, and after reading just one chapter, year 3 are loving it. We are excited to start this term's reading journey and have been looking at retrieval in reading comprehension. We have been using evidence from chapter one to answer questions that allow us to have a deeper understanding of what we are reading.


In Maths, we have been looking at measuring in millimetres, metres, and centimetres. This is an important skill because Miss Kowalska once forgot to measure her room before she bought her chest of drawers! Being able to measure is definitely a vital skill to have. We have been measuring the height of our friends, curved objects, the perimetre of tops of tables, and even the circumference of our friends heads!


In PE, we started playing cricket! The first lesson was all about being a cool catcher, and all of us were rewarded with a 'cool catcher' sticker to celebrate our hard work on the first day back. We have been given a little booklet, we can collect our stickers here as well as reflect on what we did well and what we would like to improve on next time. This will be good for skill progression and we are excited for week two's PE.


In History, we have been learning about Native Americans. This links in to term 3's topic of North America and we are therefore able to link our prior knowledge. We looked at the importance of the Buffalo, and the Native American's way of life. This means we looked at what the Buffalo's purpose was, the food that Native American's ate, the clothes they wore, and the homes they lived in. These were called tipis. We are excited to continue learning about Native Americans, because in English we will be writing a non-chronological report on this topic. We are currently in the process of learning the features of a non-chronological report and looking at an example text, which we call a WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like).


Check back in week two to continue our term 4 learning journey with us!


Bill's New Frock - Anne Fine

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