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Term 2

SCIENCE/ENGLISH - Over the last two weeks, the children have dived into researching 'The Hubble Telescope' and the key facts/children of Edwin Hubble. This linked really well into our Science topic 'Earth and Space'! We used our non-chronological report writing genre to write a fact file on the marvellous Edwin Hubble.

READY STEADY COOK - Last week, Chartwells Food Company came into St Edward's and completed a ready steady cook food challenge with a selection of Year 5 children. Some of the Year 4 children took part in tasting the beautiful food that was made by both teams.

RE - In RE, last week, we concluded our second topic 'God's Covenants' by answering a variety of questions and using previous knowledge to answer them. See the thoughts of all the children around the thought bubbles.

HISTORY - In History, Year 5 have been studying the Anglo-Saxons. During the topic, we studied a war that took place during this era and a selection of children were able to try on an Anglo-Saxon mask. They had great fun doing this and imagining what it would've been like during the war.

RE - In RE, today, we discussed about the story of Moses and how God made a promise (covenant) with him. The children used chalks to recreate the parting of the waves part of the story! They got extremely messy!

DT - On Thursday, the children completed their designs of the CAMS box and started to create their characters which would be placed on the top of the wooden dowels. The children have done really well as it links in with their learning of the Anglo-Saxons in History.

DOGS TRUST ASSEMBLY/WORKSHOP - Last week, the children at St Edward's were lucky to have a visitor from the Dog's Trust. They watched a really fun assembly and took part in a class workshop. They learnt a lot about looking after dogs (especially, Bryn)

SCIENCE - This week in Science, Year 5 were investigating how day and night happens and what happens when the moon orbits the earth. Look at the video of the children investigating Shadows.

BIG FISH ASSEMBLY - Last week, the children at St Edward's were lucky to have some visitors from the Big Fish company. They sat through an assembly which looked at the lost community but followed this up with some lantern workshops. The children behaved beautifully!

PE - In PE, in Week 2, the children continued to practise the correct body movement to create the correct balance. The used straight arms and legs until they realised they needed to curve their body! They transferred these skills into the River Crossing game.

COMPUTING - In Computing, this week, the Year 5 children were using their previous coding knowledge to un-bug some ready made programmes on Purple Mash. They had great fun!

RE - In RE, today, the children in Year 5 focused their RE brains on the subject of Covenant/Contract and also, the Covenant that God made with Noah. During this activity, the children moved round the classroom to place their thoughts down around different questions around this topic. They loved it!

ENGLISH - In English, this week, we began writing our fantasy narratives using the planning techniques from the previous week. The children are learning very quickly what effective editing looks like and how to include different types of grammar to make the greatest effect. Please read our shared writing (as a class) piece that we write at the start of each lesson.

DT - In DT, this week, the children continued their learning about CAMS and dived into the formal planning stage ahead of next week. We discussed the theme that may been seen on the box (linking it to our History learning: Anglo-Saxons) and the characters that may be found on top of the wooden dowels. The children were also quizzed on the vocabulary found on their front cover/knowledge organiser.

SCIENCE - In Science, this week, the children were learning about how the planets ORBIT the sun whilst using key vocabulary identified from their front cover/knowledge organisers. The children visited the hall and acted out the movement of the planets using a piece of string. They then explained this in their own words whilst using a diagram to support them. Please click on the link below to watch the videos from the Year 5 class.

PE - In PE, we began our lesson by warming up by creating shapes individually and making shapes with our friends. The class were introduced to a new game 'River Crossing' and they were amazed by it! We certainly have some competitive pupils.

DT - In Design & Technology, Year 5 started their sequence of learning by discussing and gaining and understanding of cams and mechanisms. We discussed the equipment that they'll be using and where the movement through the mechanism will take place! Onto the formal planning stage, next week.

LEGO WORKSHOP - Today, Year 5 had a school visit from a visitor that was teaching the children money and real-life skills through the use of Lego. The children worked in groups of 3 and absolutely loved it! You'll see by their faces in the pictures below...

SCIENCE - In the final week of Term 1, the children of Year 5 were investigating which objects were sinking or swimming and used the vocabulary from their knowledge organisers to explain this.

ENGLISH - This week, Year 5 began linking their writing with the story 'The Christmas Pig' by J.K. Rowling. We are starting, Term 2, with the children writing a Fantasy Narrative linking to the part where DP is flung out the car by Holly.

Term 2


It has been a fantastic first week back, of the new term, with so much already learnt by the class. We can't believe how quickly the first term flew by and we are ready to go!


Below, you'll find a list of topics that the children will be learning in Term 2 across the national curriculum.


English - The Christmas Pig by J.K. Rowling

Science - Earth and Space

History - Anglo-Saxons

RE - God's Covenants

DT - Mechanisms

French - La Date (The Date)

Computing - Coding


Keep an eye on the Year 5 class pages, through the academic term, for up-to-date pictures and work from a range of different subjects.


Thank you,

Mr Tickner, Mrs Ware & Mrs Whittaker

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