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Year 3

Year 3 have been learning to work scientifically. They learnt what a fair test was and why one is important - so we know what is causing the change we are measuring. Year 3 also asked scientific questions and set up simple tests to answer the question and reported on their findings.

Year 3 have been rock detectives. They've been classifying and sorting rocks into groups based on their properties. To help them work scientifically, they had to plan and carry out an investigation to decide which rock would be best for Mrs. Flain to use to make a statue; Year 3then had to present these findings to Mrs. Flain!

Year 3 have also been learning about fossils, where they had an exciting trip to the beach to find fossils, accompanied by Gary from the Sheppey Fossil Forum.

Year 3 have been learning about plants. To help them learn the parts of a plant, Year 3 made their own models, ensuring they created all of the parts - so that they looked accurate and were in the correct place too.

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