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Our PE Lead is Mrs. Horsfield

At St Edward's Catholic Primary School, we use:



At St Edward’s Catholic Primary School we believe that PE is essential to the academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development of all children. An effective PE curriculum will improve children’s confidence and raise their self-esteem, as well as enabling them to develop positive attitudes about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It will encourage good sportsmanship and team work skills and therefore better equip them to be able to participate fluently within their social and work communities - as well as within sport – make and maintain effective healthy relationships, become aware of and monitor their own health and be able to assess risks and be comfortable when making ‘safe’ risk choices.


The main aims of PE are:


  • To promote physical activity, physical development and healthy lifestyles through a range of well planned activities which meet the needs of all children.
  • To develop social co-operation, positive attitudes and to compete with a sense of fair play and good sportsmanship.
  • To promote lifelong learning, active participation and a thirst for competition.
  • To promote and develop safe practice in physical activities through high quality opportunities and outcomes.
  • To provide equal opportunities for all children regardless of race, gender, background or ability.
  • To provide opportunities for all children to achieve their full potential and assist each individual to be the best they can be whilst raising achievement and supporting excellence.




At St Edward’s we use RealPE as a base for our planning - this unique, child-centred approach challenges and supports every child.


All learning outcomes are taken from the National Curriculum schemes of work in order to ensure there is a progression of skills throughout EYFS, KS1 and KS2. We use RealPE and RealGym to guide our planning of the majority of the PE curriculum but augment this with dance, Outdoor and Adventurous activities Forest School, Swimming and traditional sport coaching. See Appendix 1 and 2 for the Yearly overviews.


Swimming is taught to the majority of children in KS2 by qualified swimming teachers from school at a local pool.


All classes will have the opportunity to participate in a sporting competition at least once each year. It is the subject leader’s responsibility to book these events and to organize participants and staff to support.


All children and staff should change into suitable clothing for PE which allows freedom of movement.


Children with long hair should have it tied back during PE and all jewellery must be removed by the child.  If a child cannot remove their earrings as they have been pierced within 6 weeks, the parent must provide a plaster or tape to surround the earring and must be applied by the child themselves.


A risk assessment will be carried out prior to the lesson when facilities, apparatus and equipment is checked by the teacher or coach. When handling and setting up apparatus, children must be supervised by an adult in order to ensure this is carried out safely. At St. Peter’s we conduct annual inspections of all our PE equipment, completed by Greenlight.  Records of their inspections can be found within the main school office.


Parents are invited to annual sporting events which involve their children, including our sports day. Throughout the year children are selected to represent the school in local sporting festivals and KCSP organized events and where possible, parents are invited to attend to show their support. Gymnastic routines and final dances are filmed and these are shown to parents during the parents sharing events.


There are a wide range of clubs offered by the school each week, although this changes according to the time of year and ongoing feedback from the children. Many of these are run for free by staff volunteers or by external coaches for a minimal fee.  We are actively involved with a number of local clubs and organisations, including Zumba, Bikeability, hockey, gymnastics and squash, and are always looking for different groups to add to the range of activities offered to our children and the wider community.

Welcome back to a new academic year 2023/ 2024!

We begin this term with three afterschool clubs:

Mondays- 3.15-4.15pm- Multi sports

Wednesdays- 3.15-4.15pm- Karate

Thursdays- 3.15-4.15pm- Irish Dancing

New equipment (purchased with sponsorship money raised through the Sports for Schools challenge day).

Multi skills festival at Oasis Academy

St Edward's participated in a multi skills festival that had been organised by Sittingbourne and Sheppey Games.

The children completed a round robin of activities that developed coordination, movement and control. Points were awarded throughout the afternoon and the teams worked together to improve their skills and celebrate their achievements.

Take a look at our superstars!

CHANCE 2 SHINE (20/09/22) - This week, the children have been learning how to bowl using both underarm and overarm techniques. The skills of balance, agility and coordination are being practiced to help them throw and catch the ball with accuracy and to reach a target. Children are working together to return the ball as quickly as they can back to a given point. Next week, they will focus on the skills that are essential to make a successful fielder.

CHANCE TO SHINE (13/09/22) - On Tuesday, children in years 2,4,5 and 6 began their 'Chance to Shine' cricket sessions. Despite the mix of weather, all children had the opportunity to practice their hand-eye coordination-when throwing and catching. They worked with others to develop and challenge themselves; with increasingly tricky situations to catch various sized balls as well as use larger 'catching' areas. Next week, they will be developing and practicing their skills as bowlers. Find out more information:

The children have now completed their 'Chance to shine' cricket activities. Throughout the term, they have developed their skills to work with partners, and in teams, to learn a variety of practical techniques that are key to playing a game of cricket. The charity has enabled boys and girls from St. Edward's to develop their skills of bowling, batting and fielding, alongside learning the rules and expectations that are essential to ensure that the game can be enjoyed by all. Linking to the values held by 'Chance to shine', children across KS1, LKS2 and UKS2, the children have been inspired (through challenging activities), ambitious in their achievements to work together, passionate to succeed and had fun across the term.


Speed stacking with Take Pride

Year 3 and year 4 participated in a speed stacking training day. The morning was filled with fun activities to develop co-ordination and essential skills for the activity: the afternoon saw tournaments between the two year groups.

'Sports For Schools' sponsored fitness circuit


On Wednesday 24th January, we had a visit from a GB Invictus competitor: Darran Challis. To date, Darran has achieved many personal goals, including: completing several marathons: participating in the Invictus games (including cycling and swimming) and taking part in a 300-mile Triathlon along with a UK Ironman. 

Throughout the afternoon, all of the children participated in a sponsored fitness circuit before attending an assembly with Darran, learning about his aspirational experiences. We then had a question and answer session where Darran taught us more about his incredible journey.

Children will now be busy collecting their sponsorship money. Funds raised will support the charity -Sports for schools- as well as be used to buy more sports equipment for St. Edward's.

In total, we have raised over £2400, from the generosity of the families here. A voucher worth £1300 has been given to the school to invest in PE within the curriculum and wish lists have been created by the children to bring more opportunities to them as a direct result of this event. As a result of the fundraising, children have received prizes from ‘Sports for Schools’ as a sign of their appreciation and the children’s achievements. Well done and a huge ‘thank you’ to the children and families of St. Edward’s Catholic Primary School!

Sports for schools- sponsored fitness circuit- with Darran Challis

This term we have started lunchtime football clubs: Wednesday is for girls and Friday is for boys. We have also have an afterschool football club running every Monday. Keep an eye on social media to look for updates on these clubs!Lunchtime football on Wednesday

Cricket play leaders


Continuing our link with Kent Cricket Club, Jamie Harris has returned to train some of the Year 5 children to be cricket playleaders. Once trained, the children will be teaching other members of St Edward's School community, how to play the game of cricket. This will be another of our lunchtime activities that the children can embrace as we follow the path of the school's mission and achieve in God's love.

Let Girls Play


On Wednesday 8th March, the girls at St. Edward's will be playing football, during their lunch hour, to participate in the national initiative that is taking place: giving every girl the chance to play football. With this falling on International Women's Day, we hope that the girls will enjoy the opportunity to show their skills and develop their love for the game of football.  

Despite the weather, forty girls participated in the Let Girls Play activity: practising their skills and enjoying the opportunity to play together.

Great Big Dance Off competition


On Monday 27th March, 30 children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 made their way to the Central Theatre in Chatham. Their dance team, known as 'The Inspirations' had choreographed their own routine and performed in front of a packed theatre. We were lucky to have support from our St. Edward's families as the children made us very proud. Their overall score was 194/ 300: gaining high points for crowd appeal.

A huge congratulations goes out to all of the dancers.

Great Big Dance Off 2023

World Daily Mile Challenge at St. Edward's

On Thursday 27th April, children from every year group participated in the World Daily Mile Challenge. The weather was kind to us and we enjoyed spending time outside, joining in the world-wide challenge.


KCSP Trust Sports Day- Monday 26th June


Today, 4 children from each class- Year 3 to Year 6-represented the school for the Trust Sports Day. The children rose to the challenge of completing the standing long jump; vortex throw; running races with distances between 50 metres and 400 metres as well as a final team relay race. The children were all amazing and have made the school community very proud in their achievements: a bronze in the standing long jump; a gold in the vortex throwing and three second-places in the running heats. Well done to all who participated!

Take a look at some of the pictures from the Trust Sports Day!

St Edward's Sports Day 2023

A big 'thank you' to all of our families who supported our sports day. Your children put on a great show of team work, resilience, sportsmanship and determination. From the egg and spoon race to the obstacle course, every child tried their hardest and continue to show the values of St Edwards as they strive to achieve their very best.

Sports Day pictures

The TSC football coach spoke to the whole school about his journey into becoming a sports coach. Having overcome so many hurdles to get where he is now, on his apprenticeship, he inspired us all to work hard and use perseverance and resilience to inspire others.

Football coach- Inspirational assembly- Friday 14th July

At St Edward's Catholic Primary School the impact of our PE teaching and learning can be seen below

RealPE Legacy School Achievement Certificate for 2021/23

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