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Our English lead is Mrs King

At St Edward's Catholic Primary School, we attach great importance to the teaching and learning of reading and writing; believing that great readers become great writers.


Grammar and sentence construction are taught throughout our extensive curriculum. Correct spelling is crucial in written communication, particularly for those children in the Juniors. It is our policy that children across all key stages write using cursive script.


It is our aim to provide meaningful opportunities that enable the children to write both independently and unaided.

As a school, we offer a wide range of stimulating resources, including a well-stocked library, where we use the 'Accelerated Reader' scheme to maximise the attainment of all our learners.


Parents are actively encouraged to engage and support their child in their English learning. We hold regular parent workshops and 'Book Looks' which help to inform parents of their children's learning.


For our assessment, we use Pupil Assest across KS1-2 and EEXaT in EYFS.



At St Edward's Catholic Primary School, English and the teaching of English is the heart of our curriculum.  We aim to inspire an appreciation of our rich and varied English heritage.  Staff at St Edward's Catholic Primary School, feel it is fundamental to highlight and be aware of the differing groups of learners and vulnerable children in their class.  We recognise that each child has their own starting point upon entry to every year group and progress is measured in line with these starting points to ensure that every child can celebrate success.

We want to inspire children to be confident in the art of speaking and listening and we can use discussion to communicate and further their learning.  We believe that children need to develop a secure knowledge base in English, which follows a clear pathway of progression as their advance through the primary curriculum.  We believe that a secure basis in English skills is crucial to a high quality education and will give our children the tools they will need to participate fully as a member of society.




With these aims in mind, first and foremost, we implemented discreet lessons for reading into year groups from 2 - 6 (for Year 1: Phonics).  This ensures that reading objectives are explicitly taught every day and that every child have quality reading time with the teacher.  Vulnerable groups are highlighted and teaching assistant are used to support these groups further to ensure progression and specific year group skills are secure.  Resources are used to support and enhance these lessons to make certain that all staff feel proficient and skilled in delivering high quality lessons.



Children are not only learning comprehension skills but also independence, a love of wider reading and exposure to rich vocabulary, making this the backbone of all our lessons.  Alongside reading being celebrated in classrooms, you will find displays around the school which celebrate authors, children's favourite books and reading reward schemes (Accelerated Reader "AR" - Achievement Board).  In addition throughout the school year reading is enhanced through World Book Day, Millionaire lunches, parent phonic workshops, House Team reading competitions which enrich and complement children's learning.  At St Edward's Catholic Primary School we believe consistency and well taught English is the foundation of a valuable education therefore we ensure that the teaching of writing is purposeful, robust and shows clear progression for all children.



In every year group, the teaching of explicit grammar, punctuation and spelling objectives are taught within the English lesson to ensure that these skills are embedded in the children's writing.  The assessment of writing has been produced in line with the Key Stage Assessment Frameworks (published by the Department of Education) to provide the teachers with the necessary guidance to make robust and secure judgements.  Writing is taught through the use of high quality text which exposes the children to inference, rich vocabulary, a range of punctuation and characterisation.  Each text is carefully selected by the teacher to promote a love of reading, engagement and high quality writing from each child.

At St Edward's Catholic Primary School the impact of our English teaching and learning can be seen below


The impact of our English teaching and learning can be seen in the work below

World Book Day 2021 - What's your favourite story?

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