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Year 4

Highsted Grammar School - Stem Newsletter July 2024

Year 4 have looked at Animals Including Humans, with a particular focus on human teeth and the digestive system. To help them think about their teeth, they made clays models, using mirrors to help them! Year 4 also had fun making a model of the digestive system, thinking about how food travels through and what happens to it at each stage.

Year 4 have been investigating electricity. They started by identifying appliances that run on electricity before progressing to building their own circuits. Finally, they learnt how switches work - controlling whether the electricity could flow around a complete circuit or not.

Year 4 have been learning about states of matter. To help them understand this abstract concept, they acted out the amount of energy and gaps between particles in solids, liquids and gases. They have also been using their scientific enquiry skill of classifying items into solids, liquids or gases and observing the changes as ice melts and water evaporates.

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