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St Edward's Catholic Primary School

Year 6

Term 1: Where in the universe is the world?

This term, Year 6 will study Earth and its place in the universe. We will understand how we have day and night as well as develop our knowledge about time zones around the world. We will know how and why different climates are created and how the world has evolved over time. We will also link to Catholic Social Teaching- Global Citizenship- and acknowledge the actions of humans and consequences that lead to global warming and climate change.

Term 3: How are Greece and the UK linked?

This term, Year 6 will study Greece. We will know which countries border Greece and how land is used: focusing on specific human and physical features that enables sustainable living. We will conduct a survey of food that is exported from/ imported to Greece. We will recognise why it is a popular holiday destination and consider the impacts of travel linked to carbon footprints, global warming and extreme weathers.

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