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St Edward's Catholic Primary School

British Science Week 2022

KCSP Science Day: we each joined the 19 other primary schools in the Trust to investigate a common question.

Year 5 and 6 investigated whether there were perfect conditions for flipping a bottle so that it landed on its base every time.

Year 3 and 4 investigated how far a bottle would roll when filled with different amounts of water.

EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 investigated how high they could make a rocket mouse fly in the air: did a different milk bottle change how high it flew?

Each class also took part in other Science during the week:

Year R investigated materials, including finding out what happens when Mentos are mixed with Cola and shaving foam with water; they also investigated how to make toy cars move more easily.

Year 1 investigated what makes a car go the furthest when pushed; they also went on a Science Hunt around the school.

Year 2 continued to investigate the growth of the flowers they planted in T1.

Year 3 looked at eco-friendly food, researching where our food comes from and finding out which burger is the best for the planet.

Year 4 looked at how creatures could survive on Mars and how sounds can travel.

Year 5 looked at growth in plants and how to stretch different body parts using outdoor gym.

Year 6 created origami virus and antibody particles; they also worked scientifically to investigate what makes a paper flower open the quickest when dropped into water.

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