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Term 4

For the end of term, we celebrated Mass with Father Frank in Church.

This week, during our Easter celebrations, it started to snow! We really enjoyed putting our coats on and playing in the snow.

This week, we've been learning about the Resurrection of Jesus. We read the scriptures then presented a newsflash bulletin, thinking about what people at the time may have thought and felt.

This week, we began our celebrations of Easter with an Easter Bonnet Parade. Look at our wonderful bonnets as we helped Year R to display theirs too.

In our science lesson, we looked at the difficult objective of identifying which scientific evidence was used to support or refute arguments. We did this by guessing how many people would fit into a hoop, taking this on to how many drops of water fit onto a 2p coin before finally learning that water is different: it is a polar molecule so the join together to make a new, bigger drop - so the answer wasn't what we expected!

This week, we've been working scientifically on a question that Mrs. Flain posed in assembly: what surface makes a car travel the furthest? We designed and carried out our own investigations, controlling variables and measuring accurately. We then presented our findings in a poster.

In RE this week, we looked at The Crucifixion. Firstly, we studied some artists' impressions, discussing their use of colour and what they thought was most important (for example, in one, the crowd is prominent and you can't see Jesus, whereas in another, you can see an upset-looking crowd and Jesus). We then completed our own interpretations of the Crucifixion, focusing on what we thought was most important from the scripture that we read.

As it is British Science Week, we've also been remembering back to our Living Things and Their Habitats unit of work and making origami Virus and antibody particles. We enjoyed this and will be joining all of the virus particles together to make a huge virus!

Our DT focus this term is food technology: we have been looking at seasonality and scaling of recipes.

We worked in two halves this week: for part of our lesson, we were planning a seasonal menu, thinking about when crops grow and can be harvested to eat; for the other part, we were in our school kitchen chopping vegetables and learning to make a delicious soup - which we could then eat in school! It was really delicious - we are great cooks, even if we do say so ourselves!

In PE this week, we learnt to throw and catch to each other while moving and how to work in a team - playing the games Volleyball or Netball. We found it really difficult when Mrs. Rowse kept changing the rules - to keep us on our toes!

To continue our theme of working scientifically, we had to plan and carry out an investigation completely independently on Tuesday: what makes the paper flower open the quickest in water?

Some of us decided to change the size of the flower, others what the flower was made of. Yet more decided that we should add ingredients to the water (these looked disgusting!) and others decided to change the shape or number of petals.

We had a lot of fun investigating and answering this question.

It's British Science Week!

To introduce this week, we took part in a whole day of Science run by our Trust, KCSP. We started by watching a Teams call with Tom Holloway, who introduced out challenge: to find the best conditions for flipping a bottle so it always lands on its base.

We had to work scientifically, by creating a fair and comparable test: this means we could only change 1 variable. We also had to record and present our findings, as we are proper scientists and this is how they work.

In RE this week, we looked at Jesus' last journey into Jerusalem. We learnt and acted out the scripture from Matthew 21: 1 - 11; Mark 11: 1 - 11; Luke 19: 28 - 40 or John 12: 12 - 17. We discovered that only John mentions palm leaves being laid on this important day! The Synoptic Gospels only mention celebrations and coats being laid down! We were really shocked by this as we think of the people laying palm leaves for Jesus to walk on.

After acting like Theseus, we had to plan a letter to his Father, begging him to let us go to Crete to fight the Minotaur. Some of us also acted our plan for our letter from Theseus to help us remember what we could write.

On Tuesday afternoon, we had a really exciting visitor to school: a theatre company came to perform "The Secret Garden" to us! We really enjoyed the performance!

This fortnight, we are reading the beginning of the Ancient Greek tale, Theseus and the Minotaur. To help us write as Theseus, begging his Dad to let him go to slay the Minotaur, we "hot-seated" - acted the part to work on our persuasion techniques.

This week in History, we looked at the Ancient Greek city states of Athens, Corinth and Sparta. We visited an Ancient Greek "market place", where we had to talk to as many people as possible to find out about life in their state compared to our own.

What a busy week! It has also been World Book Day this week. We had some fantastic book character costumes; we also completed some fun activities in the afternoon.

Today is Ash Wednesday - the beginning of Lent. It is a period of preparation for the resurrection of Jesus; we went to church to celebrate Mass with Father Frank to start our own periods of preparation.

This week, in Science, we continued our Working Scientifically unit by making predictions and refining them as we gathered results. To do this, we made lots of paper aeroplanes! We had 4 different sizes to test as well as 4 different paper types, meaning we had lots of results to help us improve our predictions. 


We were really surprised to find that the newspaper planes did fly in A6 size - we thought they would be too light! We were also surprised to find the A3 sugar paper flew better than the A4 - we thought the A3 wings were too floppy!

Our DT unit this term is Food Technology: to start this, we learnt about food safety and hygiene in the kitchen. We also practiced chopping vegetables with a sharp knife - and got to eat them too!

To start our Working Scientifically unit of work, we researched about fossils, finding out about why palaeontology is so important.

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