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Term 4

Welcome back to Term 4; we hope you had a restful break. This week, Year 6 have been working extremely hard. In English, we began a new text: Theseus and the Minotaur. This term we will be writing a non-chronological report on a Greek mythical creature. Once we had chosen our creature, we conducted research to help us with our reports. Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent so (as a school) we celebrated Mass in church for Ash Wednesday. In Maths we have been learning and applying the rule of BODMAS (order of operations) to calculations and problem solving. In PE, we have begun a new unit that helps us develop our creative skills: Seated Volleyball.

Our Science unit, this term, is 'Working Scientifically'. Each week we will plan and conduct an investigation that allows us to: change variables, work systematically, record data, and create graphs. This week's lesson was titled 'Paper Flowers'; we conducted experiments to investigate whether the type of paper being used affects the rate of speed the petals take to open up. On Wednesday, we began our new RE topic: Jesus the Messiah. We interpreted the image of The Transfiguration and discussed all the evidence there is that confirms Jesus is the Messiah. On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day. There was an abundance of wonderful and imaginative costumes and every child looked fantastic. We spent the afternoon completing World Book Day activities such as: a quiz, creating our own book covers, reading with children from other classes, and even finding 'Wally' - no one found him! Finally, we finished the week off with another game of Seated Volleyball.

During Monday's English lesson, which also linked to the History unit of Ancient Greece, the children finished their non-chronological reports about a mythical creature. As you can see, they are fantastic. In this week's RE lesson, the children acted out a part of Jesus' journey into Jerusalem: the colt-owner realising Jesus had chosen his colt; they then wrote diary entries as the colt-owner. On Friday, the whole school participated in a Science day to celebrate British Science Week; our task was to investigate reaction times. Finally, we finished off our week with some Speed Stacking.

This week was British Science Week and to celebrate it Year 6 went on a trip to Down House: the home of Charles Darwin; this linked nicely with last term's Science unit of Evolution and Inheritance. With SATs fast approaching, Year 6 have completed another set of practice papers: well done Year 6! However, they have still managed to find the time for additional Maths lessons and complete learning on scale factors and volume.

This week, Year 6 have continued their science unit in Working Scientifically by investigating how to protect an egg - using only the resources given to them -  when it's dropped from a height of 2metres. Unfortunately, no eggs survived this investigation but Year 6 were able to explain how they would improve their experiment if given the chance to repeat it. During RE, the children learnt about Jesus' crucifixion and created some wonderful artwork based on the Easter Story. Finally, the children finished writing their persuasive letters as Theseus to his father, King Aegeus.

Our last week of term has been a busy week with plenty of Easter activities. The week started off with a spectacular Easter bonnet parade, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the whole school. Seven of our Year 6's (along with other members of the school) represented St. Edward's in the Great Big Dance Off competition at The Central Theatre in Chatham. All the children had a wonderful time and were absolutely fantastic; we're looking forward to next year. On Wednesday, the week continued with celebrating Mass in church which was then followed with an Easter egg hunt in the afternoon. As the week came to an end, we had a visit from Year 1's chicks. Finally and sadly, a farewell assembly was held for the wonderful Mrs. Flain, where everybody shared wonderful memories, sang songs and read poems. She truly will be missed.

We hope you all have a wonderful and restful Easter break. Happy Easter, from the Year 6 team.

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