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Term 5

King's Coronation - St Edward's Street Party

In PE, the children have been placing all their movements together to create a set of balances and styles using different pieces of equipment. The children used a ball, rope and hoop to extend the difficulty of these activities.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Annabelle from working extremely hard in her dance (street) competitions. She smashed each competition and won each division apart from the duo which she came 3rd. Amazing work, Annabelle!

In Science, this week, the children were investigating whether sugar was able to dissolve in cold water and whether it only dissolved in hot water. They were also asked; if the sugar did dissolve, would the sugar still be inside the liquid?

RE - In RE, this week, the children focused their attention on the next lesson of the topic 'Life of the Risen Lord'. We discussed about the resurrection and the meaning of ascended. The children were able to explain why the tomb was empty and where Jesus ascended to.

PE - This week, in PE, the Year 5 class completed their first RealGYM lesson and enjoyed completed a variety of challenges with a rope, hoop and ball. They used different balances and body movements to complete these actions. Next week. the children will continue to complete challenges with the balls


ROAD SAFETY WORKSHOP - On Wednesday, the children had a fantastic opportunity to complete a road safety workshop. The learnt a wide range of school and took in some vital information. Moving into Year 6, two children will take the role of becoming a road safety officer for St Edward's.



Through Term 5, the children will be focusing their attention on the topic 'The Life of the Risen Lord'. This week the children completed a short drama piece of when the news of the resurrection broke out. Please click here to be diverted to the page of videos. 

SCIENCE - In Science, this term, we are looking at the changes and properties of materials. This week, the children used lemonade and raisons to investigate what happens when they both mix. The children were then able to use specific vocabulary to explain their understanding.

Reading Texts - English Text (Demon Dentist) & Story Text (The Explorer)

Term 5


It has been an amazing first week back, of the new term, especially with the weather looking so much brighter and the children ready to learn. We can't believe how quickly the two thirds of the year has gone. Bring on the summer term!


Below, you'll find a list of topics that the children will be learning in Term 5 across the national curriculum.


English - Portal Narrative/Balanced Argument (English Text - Demon Dentist)

Science - Properties and Changes of Materials

Geography - Sheerness compared to an area of Brazil

RE - Life in the Risen Jesus

Art - Drawing

Computing - Game Creators


Keep an eye on the Year 5 class pages, through the academic term, for up-to-date pictures and work from a range of different subjects.


Thank you,

Mr Tickner, Mrs Ware & Mrs Whittaker

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