St Edward's Reception Class

2020-2021 St Edward's Reception Class is taught by Miss Pataria and supported by Mrs Palmer.



Term 3 - We are now doing our learning at home, with videos from Miss Pataria everyday we can join in with fun activities. This week we are reading The Gingerbread Man. In English we are drawing and writing sentences for a story map. In Maths we have been adding one more and writing number sentences. We have been doing lots of art and craft as well as a Science activity to see if we could build a bridge to help the Gingerbread man over the river.

Come on let's do the conga!

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Christmas jumper day, Christmas dinner day & party afternoon! We have had a day full of festive fun.

Christmas Time in Year R. Our wonderful nativity plus our birthday party and some happy photos! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Although are doing our learning at home we are enjoying reading our new story Stick Man. We have been making our own stick men, counting and learning to work out how many we have altogether and playing phonics games to help with our sounding out and blending.

We had fun balancing different objects on our partner and seeing if they could balance on one leg!

Rudolf Balloon Race

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We have been working hard with Mrs Flain to create and take part in a Science experiment called Rudolf Balloon Races. We had to make the Rudolf Balloons before we raced them. We spoke about how high or low we wanted the string to be and why we wanted it this way. We spoke about who the winner was and why they won.
Enjoy the video!

We have been reading Santa's Suitcase. We have been sorting clothes for hot and cold places and looking at where we live in the world. In Maths we have been weighing objects using scales.

We have been learning about God's Family. Today we learnt that Angel Gabriel visited Mary and told her she was going to have a baby called Jesus. We made our own angels, drew flowers for Mary and acted out being Angel Gabriel telling Mary the news.

We watched an animation about Remembrance Day and why poppies are so significant. We created our own poppies and had 2 minutes silence.

We have been reading The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas this week. We have been drawing and writing what might be inside an egg. We have been using natural resources to feed dinosaurs, counting them and writing the number to match. This week has also been maths challenge week. Our challenge was to create a chair for a doll. We decided to use construction. We had fun making the chairs and seeing if our chosen doll would sit on it.

We have been reading Dinosaurs Love Underpants! We have enjoyed painting pictures of our own dinosaur, drawing and writing descriptions and using dice to count out amounts. We have been enjoying afternoons on the field with Bryn too!

We have been exploring how to move in different ways including running, jumping, hopping, skipping, balancing and side stepping!

We have been reading We are going on a bear hunt. We created our own class story map and actions. We went on our own bear hunt autumn walk. We have also been exploring 2d shapes and using numicon to help us with our numbers 0-10.

RE - Caring for God's World. We found rubbish outside and collected it, we created mobiles to show something we care for in our world, we sorted things that show care and don't show care for our world, we retold the story of how the world was created.

This week we have been on a number hunt to recognise numbers and we have been identifying pictures and words that rhyme.

RE - We have continued to learn about God's world. We worked in groups to sort things that God did and did not make, we painted our favourite animals, we created our own 'world' scene.

We have been learning about positional language. We have been using our outside area to help us use the language on, under, in between, next to, behind and in front.

Our first RE lesson we learnt about God's World. We went for a walk outside to find things that God made, painted out own pictures and explored animals in the water and shaving foam.

Here is a little preview of us doing Squiggle!

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Squiggle! This is a dance activity we do everyday, first with flappers and then with pens to help build up our muscles ready for writing. We have great fun!

Our First Week at School. We have been busy getting to know our school and classroom, circle time, creating hand prints and self portraits using paint, making friends, building and even story yoga!

Our Lady of Fatima Display

St. Edward's Hall Display 2019

End of Term 6 - We had a party themed day, we made party hats, played with balloons and played party games.

We have enjoyed speaking about our trip to the Church before lock down, drawing our own pictures of the church and labelling as well as decorating our own crosses.

We have been reading lots of stories based on Pirates, the Seaside and the Summer. We have been using our phonics to write descriptive sentences to match pictures. We have been adding, subtracting and even writing our own number sentences. We have had lots of fun making jelly fish, parrots, pirate swords, buckets and much more using different materials.

Science experiment - Our predictions and results.

Science Experiment - How many drops of water can you get on a 2p coin before it starts to fall off? We experimented using a pipette, a syringe, a small jug and a cup. We made predictions before finding out the amount. We also compared different coins (1p, 2p and 5p)

RE - A Short Man. We have been reading the scripture about Jesus and Zacchaeus. We have been acting this out, writing our own sorry messages and creating medals of how we have been brave.