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Term 4

Our Topic Leaflet for term 4.

Our Homework for Term 4.

Our learning displays for the term.

To celebrate the end of term and Easter coming, we had a fun Easter Egg hunt and an Easter Bonnet Parade. It was really good fun seeing all of our creations and celebrating together.

In DT, we had an exciting workshop about wild cooking. Scott from Wild Classroom visited us and taught us to cook a Ukrainian soup over a fire. It was really good fun and tasted delicious.

To help our understanding of Good Friday in Holy Week, we traveled to our parish church to learn about the Stations of the Cross with Father Aklilu.

We celebrated British Science Week this term! We had a whole day dedicated to science where we had to investigate the best biscuit for dunking and also to link to the theme of time, we had to make marble runs that took exactly 15 seconds to complete. This was very tricky but we enjoyed trying.

We celebrated World Book Day this term! We had great fun dressing as our favourite characters and visiting other classes to listen to a story. We also learnt to use an important book - the dictionary!

In History, we've been learning about Ancient Egypt. We discovered that they had over 2000 gods and they were heavily influenced by these gods. To look after their dead in the afterlife, Ancient Egyptians used to mummify their pharaohs so we learned the process by mummifying tomatoes! It was good fun but a lot of work!

In RE this term, we are learning about Jesus the Saviour. To start on this journey, we found and read many pieces of scripture and decided if this showed us that Jesus was wholly human or wholly divine. This led us to a discussion about The Mystery of the Incarnation.

We have also recreated the Last Supper to help us in our learning about Jesus' last meal with His disciples and how He foretold what would happen.

In Science this term we are learning about sound. We started by investigating how sound was made before realising that sound can travel through a solid, a liquid or a gas! We modelled this using our acting of the particles from term 1.

We have also investigated pitch, discovering how high or low a sound is before discovering the relationship between volume and vibrations.

In DT, we are learning about food technology. Mrs. Rowse started by making a sandwich and we had to be her critic about her hygiene and safety. We were really shocked when she ate her sandwich as she followed none of the rules!

We also had a visitor from Chartwells, our school meal provider. The lady came and taught us about being healthy before helping us to make wraps which were really yummy!

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