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After a last week's fantastic adventure to Thriftwood, it's now back to normality for Year 6. This week, Year 6 have had a busy week settling back into their learning routine. In English, they have written lovely poems all about the wonders of nature. In Science, we started a new topic on electricity. The children were tasked with naming electrical components and then making simple circuits. Our RE topic, this term, is Called to Serve. For this week's lesson the children were creating analogies of how God is present in our lives and how we serve Him. For PE, we continued learning choreography for our end-of-year production and a little bit of sports day practice.

This week, Year 6 have completed another fantastic week's worth of learning. During the week, Year 6 have had the opportunity to participate in Bikeability; the children have learnt key skills on how to keep themselves safe when cycling on the road. In English, the children have begun writing a character description based on a short video clip titled 'Little Freak,' by Edwin Schaap. This week's RE lesson had a focus on the Sacrament of Confirmation; the children studied a piece of artwork to help identify all seven sacraments. In Science, the children were investigating the effects voltage has on the brightness of a bulb. Year 6 had a fantastic Art lesson where they used their designs (from last week's lesson) to create a clay sculpture that depicted 'bravery'. The children used a number a techniques to help mould and sculpt their clay. Throughout the week, Year 6 have had numerous production practices: they have practised the play; rehearsed the songs; and practised the choreography. To end the week, Year 6 - along with Year 5 - participated in a 'Railway Workshop'. They learnt about the dangers of the railway and how to keep themselves safe.

Year 6 have been busy this week rehearsing for their end-of-year production but they have still found the time to edit and improve their character description, in English. This week's RE lesson was focussed on the Sacrament of Marriage and the Sacrament of Holy Orders. The children studied and compared images representing marriage takes three people: God, husband, and wife and then created their own image. In this week's science lesson the children learnt about renewable and non-renewable energy sources; they then created posters that explained the two sources and gave positives and negatives of both. Finally to finish the week, the whole school participated in Sports Day. Sadly, this was Year 6's last primary school Sports Day. However, there were plenty of smiles, cheering, and laughter to be heard.

This week, some of the Year 6 children have been going swimming every day in order to try to achieve the required 25 metres by the end of key stage 2.  In preparation for the summer fete, Year 6 have been busy making items to sell on our stall; we can't wait to see you all on Friday afternoon. In this week's History lessons we have been learning all about WW2: rationing and the blitz.

The last full week of the academic year and Year 6 have been busy learning whilst having some fun. This week, our English and Maths lessons were outdoor based activities; the children worked in pairs to solve clues in order to obtain a ten digit code to 'escape the room'. This week's History lesson was art based as the children learnt all about propaganda before creating their own propaganda posters. In our final RE lesson the children focussed on 'Many Ways to Serve'. At the end of the lesson they recapped all the units they have studied over the year and wrote down the importance of each one and what they can take to secondary with them, from each unit. Our PE lesson was a well earned game of rounders. 

Our last three days, next week, will be very busy and I'm sure full of happiness, sadness and tears but we look forward to seeing you all at our leaver's mass and end-of-year production performances on Monday 17th July and our leaver's assembly on Wednesday 19th July. Thank you all for your continued support. We hope you have a wonderful and restful summer break. Take care, from the Year 6 team.

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