St Mary's Year 6 Class

2020-21 Year 6 St. Mary's class will be taught by Mrs. Rowse and Mrs. King. The teaching assistants helping this class are Mrs. Ware and Mrs. Issitt.

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LeeLee Lab of Chemicals Episode 2 : Elephant Toothpaste

Our very own LeeLee (year 6) and Ozzy (year 3) make Elephant toothpaste. Lee has also edited the whole video - well done!

T3 W3: look at the wonderful work year 6 are producing for their remote learning this week: we have been investigating shapes and changing parts of a story, ready to re-write our own version.

Leelee lab of chemicals ep1

This is a video, created and edited, by one our very own year 6 children!

Well done - fantastic reading for Buster's Book Club!

Still image for this video

Look at the wonderful work Year 6 have produced on Seesaw during week 1 of our lockdown.

Please visit the videos page to look at Year 6's Makaton signing to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - the videos will be available to view until 1st January 2021.

Year 6 have been acting like Beowulf today, planning a letter to ask for the job of monster slayer at Heorot.

In term 2, year 6 have been learning about the poppy and why it is a recognised symbol of remembrance.

Science! In preparation for next term, Year 6 were given electrical equipment to show what they know and explore what they would like to find out in next term's science lessons.

Year 6 have had a great time planning their non-chronological reports for English in a group.

Year 6 have been learning about Jesus' compassion by reading and presenting about his miracles.

In RHE, year 6 have been looking at what pressure is. We then acted out some scenarios to discuss the type of pressure being put on people.

Year 6 wrote, and performed, playscripts about why we get day and night, using our information from the sun appearing to move across the sky.

Year 6 had great fun watching a shadow move across the playground. We used this to decide whether the sun or Earth moved (we learnt it was the Earth rotating on its axis!)

In Science, year 6 have been learning about the phases of the moon. We managed to recreate what see from Earth using torches as the sun and polystyrene balls as the moon.

In Geography, year 6 used broken-up cups to explain how the tectonic plate boundaries work.

Year 6 enjoyed reading and digesting our parable this week, before completing our Lectio Divina.

Year 6 enjoyed acting out the parts of Gollum and Bilbo from The Hobbit, before learning to punctuate the conversations correctly when writing.

Year 6 used the playground as our paper today: we learnt about latitude and longitude coordinates by drawing the equator and prime meridian and calculating how far east or west and north or south we had put our cross.

In RE, Year 6 acted out the parables of The Lost Coin, The Lost Sheep and The Prodigal Son to help us to understand them and discover their deeper meaning that Jesus wanted us to learn.

This week, Year 6 have been investigating the relative sizes of the planets and their distances from the sun in our solar system. We made the planets then went onto the playground to measure the distances at the same scale rate. We started near the building and ended up on the far side of the field - over 90m away!

Year 6 have been planning a diary entry as Tristan (our book is called The Viewer) so we went outside to act like Tristan, finding treasures in the city dump.

Year 6 had a great time today, learning how to code an algorithm to take a friend from one side of the playground to the other, before beginning to learn how to code on Purple Mash - our exciting, new Computing Programme.

Science: we had a great time proving Aristotle's theories about the Earth being curved.

Theory 1: we proved that a boat disappeared from the hull (bottom) - but if Earth was flat, it would have just become a dot on the horizon.


Theory 2: we proved that we saw different stars if we stood on different parts of Earth - but if Earth was flat, we would see the same stars no matter where we stood.


Theory 3: we proved that if Earth moved across the moon in an eclipse, the shadow we saw would we curved - not flat.

Please look below to see what last year's Year 6 achieved in God's love...


It was fabulous to see everyone at our goodbye session on the field. Thank you to so many of you for coming!

Year 6 worked really hard on art projects for Highsted School. Unfortunately, the exhibition was cancelled, but take a look at our hard work.

Mrs. King's bubble tried to make slime today... It was not the success that the children hoped for!

In today's art challenge, year 6 had to use tissue paper to mirror half of an animal of their choice.

Year 6 have worked on a tough art challenge this week... Drawing upside-down! The rules were simple: the paper was sellotaped to the desk; the children had to create a master-piece of their choice but they had to draw upside down, so the drawing was the correct way round for an adult stood the other side of the desk. It was a much trickier challenge than the children envisaged! But, they created some wonderful art.

Year 6 have had fun experimenting in Science this week. We have been investigating what the best material is to stop ice from melting.

On Friday, Week B children had a mini-party on the playground to say goodbye to primary school, before starting their new adventures next year.

Year 6 Leaver's Party

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We danced together and sang songs.

This week, Year 6 have been learning about the discovery of vaccination, studying Doctor Edward Jenner and James Phipps. We have created our own artwork depicting this important moment.

Year 6 have been training hard for virtual sports day. We particularly enjoyed the Super-Strong Challenge - bear-crawling forwards (okay) and then backwards (very difficult!).

Year 6 have been studying The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. This week, we wrote a new ending.

Year 6 have watched a short film today called Road's End; we then acted out the action with shadow puppets and wrote a diary as the driver of the car.

We researched something that interested us and presented our information to the class.

We investigated air resistance and aerodynamics using paper aeroplanes - discovering which ones went the furthest and why.

Week B: We have been experimenting with helicopters to investigate gravity and air resistance. We had to keep everything the same except 1 variable that we were investigating: either paperclips, paper size or paper type.

Week A: This afternoon, year 6 have been investigating the forces of gravity and air resistance. We have completed fair tests, keeping everything the same except what we were testing - either the paper type, the size of the paperclip or the blade size.

Year 6 have been looking at the circulatory system in the human body. We tried to place the important organs and describe their functions

In RE this week, we learned about Jesus' crucifixion. We then responded to the scripture we read by painting our own interpretations

Mrs. Flain set us a challenge in Science Assembly - how many drops of water can you fit on to a 2p coin? We investigated with our grown-ups for Science Week

For Science Week, we set St. Peter's some challenging questions about space and rockets. We then visited them so they could teach us the answers.

During Book Week, Year 6 read every day. Sometimes, we enjoyed books; other times, we enjoyed comics - comics are reading too!

Year 6 had fun today acting like Ancient Greeks; we had to talk to as many people as we could so we could find out the differences between the main city states.

Year 6 had great fun making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday! We learnt about why we have pancakes on this day and how it leads into Lent. Finally, we enjoyed eating them!

Year 6 enjoyed comparing the different gospel stories about Jesus walking on water. We acted them out, looking for similarities and differences.

Today we acted out the Gospel Story of Jesus feeding the 5,000, to help us understand physical and spiritual hunger.

Father Christmas visited Year 6 this afternoon. We were very grateful when he presented each of us with a gift.

Another successful singing trip to Tesco, where Year 6 sung beautifully. Well done Year 6!

Year 6 have performed really well when visiting Tesco and Age Concern to sing Christmas Carols.

Year 6 visited different classes around the school to show off their learning about electricity

Electricity! Year 6 are using electrical circuits to create maths challenges with complex fractions!

Year 6 have had a great day visiting other classrooms to complete investigations for Maths Day!

Year 5 and 6 really enjoyed teaching each other their games and challenging each other with their mathematical problems

Wow! Maths Games have really captured the imagination of some of our class! One of our children decided to re-make his challenge game to ensure it was big enough to play comfortably. He also added pieces and challenge cards. Well done!

Year 6 have been creating challenging games to teach to and play with Year 5 on Wednesday.

Today, Year 6 presented to the class their favourite Bible quotes showing what Justice means.

Our Lady of All Nations Display

Year 6 have been outside acting out some of The Hobbit in preparation for writing a diary as Bilbo Baggins

Year 6 have been looking at the Kingdom of God. Today, we looked at three different parables and how they show that God wants everyone to be invited to the Kingdom, not just those that choose to enter.

St. Mary's Hall Display 2019

Please look below to look at what last year's Year 6 achieved in God's Love

Y6 had a fantastic time on their residential trip. They enjoyed lots of challenging activities from rock climbing and raft building to bust craft and fire building.

A trip to Wildwood inspired some fantastic report writing in Y6

Year 6 have started early morning Booster Classes to help with their SATS revision.

What melts ice the quickest? Y6 carry out scientific experiments on Snow and Ice Day.

McDonalds rewarded Y6's carol singing and festive fund-raising with free ice-cream! Thank you McDonalds!

Carol singing at Tesco to raise money for St Vincent De Paul.

Y6 were filmed for Songs of Praise - watch us on 13 January 2019.

Y6 learn to cross roads safely during Road Safety Week.

Year 6 raised £16 for Children in Need with their spots and stripes.

Our Year 6 students sang beautifully today at the Remembrance Day service and celebration at Oasis Academy