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Term 6

To help us to make decisions about our future careers, we're having some visitors in over the next couple of weeks. This week, we had in two consultant paediatricians, a paediatric nurse and a midwife to meet those of us who are considering careers in the medical profession. We really enjoyed meeting them and asked lots of good questions before having some fun with the equipment that our visitors brought with them.

It was our very last Sports Day at St Edward's this week. We had great fun taking part in water running, egg and spoon and balancing balls on rackets races as well as competing against our class mates in long jump, javelin, bean bag throwing and tennis ball throwing before coming together as a whole school to cheer on the running and obstacle races. It was such a lovely day with warm weather and a fantastic atmosphere.

We had our very own "St Edward's Two Minute Talent Show" this week, where year 6 entered 3 acts! Two of them reached the finale and were very excited to become highly commended! Well done year 6 - you really do have talent.

This week, we were learning about rationing in World War Two: did you know that rationing didn't end until 9 years after the end of the war because there were still shortages of food and goods?


We started by learning that food travelled all across the world and so became a target of the Nazi U-boats; we also learnt how much (little!) food one person got to last them a week - this really shocked us as most of us said we'd eat it in one or two days and then be really hungry!


Finally, we put together a timeline of different items being rationed during the war.

In Science, we've been investigating circuits. We tried to learn how to make the bulb brighter or the buzzer quieter; we also investigated why Mrs Rowse gave us aluminium foil - as it's metal and let the electricity flow through!

In RE, we have started looking at a unit named "Called to Serve." We started by looking at Mother Teresa's quote about us being the power lines but we can't really be useful until their is current - which is God; we used this to inspire our own analogies of our relationship with God before presenting them to the class if we wanted to.

This week, we received something exciting in the post: a box containing information and artefacts from the "Secret Treasure" visitor attractions around Kent. There were 6 bags within the box, each containing items to explore to help us understand why someone our age may want to visit these attractions. We will then use this research to create an advert for the attractions - with the opportunity to win a visit to that attraction for the best advert across Kent!

In RE this week, we looked at the religion "Buddhism". We researched as much information about the religion as we could, sharing with each other by adding it to the board. We then created lotus flowers explaining  about how Steve Jobs used his Buddhist beliefs in his life and how he could be an inspiration to us.

This week, we had an exciting experience: an Irish dancing lesson! We were visited by two lovely ladies who took us for a lesson in Irish dancing so that we could see if we enjoyed it or not. It was very good fun!

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