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Term 1

In English, Year 3 have been working hard on completing their narrative stories. We have some amazing pieces of work with some very impressive handwriting! We are now looking at the features of a letter, and looking deeper into persuasive language. We are continuing to use our adjective and word mats, but we are going to add more tools to our writing tool kit. This will be our second piece of writing this term, and we are excited to make improvements! We are going to be writing a persuasive letter to the School Council, asking them to persuade the big, bad wolf not to eat Grandma. This is continuing from our meeting tale in the first piece of beautiful writing.


In Science, year 3 are carrying out an experiment over time to see if their plants will survive in a range of different conditions. We are continuing to measure our plants each week and record our measurements in our observation diary. Our predictions as to what will happen to each plant seem to be becoming real! We are excited to see what our plants will measure as by the end of the term.


In Maths, year 3 have started looking at addition and subtractions. What we learnt in our place value unit is still very important in addition and subtractions, especially when we are looking at adding and subtracting tens and ones! We are using place value grids, base 10, and numicon to help us with our adding and subtracting. We start each lesson by figuring out the answer to some questions together, and then move on to doing some great group and independent learning.


In Art, we have been mixing paint colours to make different colours. We have been looking at the artist Henri Rosseau closely and even painted one of his landscape paintings. Soon, we are going to look at using watercolour paints so that we have a variety of paints in our art books! We have also dedicated a lesson to painting some harvest fruits and vegetables, as you may have seen in our harvest celebration assembly. 


In RE, we have been discussing family and who we consider to be our closest family. We created family trees, on these were our friends, family and neighbours. We also created our own classroom tree with everyone's names all around, we hung this on our washing line! We have been looking at the sacrament of baptism and what happens during this big day, the signs and symbols used during a baptism, and what it means to live in the image of God.


Welcome back to school! Year 3 have had a lovely start to the new term, with lots of learning taking place both inside and outside of the classroom! We have started learning about plants, their parts and their functions. We also set up an investigation into what conditions plants need to grow well, so we are taking care of our own beautiful plants this term. In English, we have been using adjectives, nouns and verbs to describe characters in The Little Red Riding Hood Tale. We are currently planning our own tale, with the writing tool kit we created as a team. We have been learning outdoors by creating a human number line, playing splat with place value, AND in PE exploring balancing skills to win a race against our fellow class mates. Our first two weeks back have been filled with fun and lots of new learning, and we are excited to continue our learning this term!

Celebration of learning

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